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Pr0n Plus: Supersized Edition!

Good morning, pr0nistas – and in case I don’t see you: good afternoon, good evening and good night. I’ve been plotting all week for this post, searching high and low to bring you truly the best, truly the pr0niest Plus-Size Pr0n. Your dear blogger has been a size 6 and a size 16 (US) and every size in between, and feels strongly that the Third Rule of Shopping Pr0n is that good fashion is good fashion at any size.

(Let’s recap: First Rule of Shopping Pron is that half off Gucci is still a month’s rent.  Second Rule of Shopping Pr0n is get it while it lasts – supplies are limited. ) So!  Today’s post is the first in a series: Pr0n Plus! Ideally, I hope to have a weekly Pron Plus update.  As always it depends on the availability of pr0ny stuff.  Let’s get started, there’s lots to show you!


Feast your eyes on this Piano Stripe Blouse from Lafayette 148 New York. This is 100% cotton with what’s called a “wing collar” apparently.  Three-quarter length sleeves (of which I’m a fan) with a turn-back cuff , hidden placket (means you can’t see the buttons) and a really really small black check.  The length is over the hip, and it’s $298, available up to a women’s size 24 or a “Missy” size 16 (really, which term is worse: “plus sized” or “missy”?) – fantastic size range.  Thanks, Lafayette!

Oh – it’s shown here with their Cotton Sateen Debra Skirt – but I just think pencil/suit skirts are the type of thing that are much easier to find.  Still if you have another $328 to throw at it, I’m sure it’s great quality.


LeeLee’s Valise has a nice selection of various plus-size designers.  At the very least it gives you a glance at each of them and you can branch off to find more of whichever one you like.  I absolutely fell in love with this Retro-60’s Style Front Pleat Dress from LeeLee’s own collection.

This grey and black color-blocked dress is OH-so-flattering for you plus-size pr0nistas with great legs but a middle section that’s not so great (i.e. an apple shape).  It’s left over from fall so it’s only available in a size 3, which translates to…about a 22-24 from what I can see.  For $82, pick up this machine washable (!) dress.  Those of you in the northern hemisphere can put it in your closet until next fall, those of you in the southern hemisphere will be able to wear it soon .  (Uh, I think I got that right.)

A quick note on this – THIS IS ACCEPTABLE.  A good deal is a good deal. Yes, it’s sad to buy a pretty pretty thing and stare at it longingly in your closet. But eventually seasons change (feelings change).  Would you rather stare at it longingly or not at all? I’m just saying.


Moving right along , there’s something in the water over in Europe.  I’m just saying that if their plus size clothing is any indication, they’ve got some seriously chic, curvy women over there.  I was tipped off from my friend Maire Denee, who writes The Curvy Fashionista , and seems to be able to sniff out new plus-size clothing lines like truffles .  Anyway, she pointed me to one website I’ll show you later and from there it was like gangbusters finding more.

So while surfing this morning I found a lingerie designer by the name of Gok Wan, who is making some of the most beautiful and functional plus-size lingerie and shape wear that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.  It was a tough choice, but I wanted to show you Gok Wan’s Boobilicious Basque.  With a name like that, how could I resist?

According to the description “This multiway basque has boning across the front for extra support and control where you need it most. Extra set of clear straps and Gok Cookies for extra uplift! Luxury shapewear fabrics and trims throughout. “

Put this badboy on underneath your favorite dress and you’re perfectly smooth and uplifted, not to mention feeling sexy as hell!  This particular item is £46 or about $65 USD.  At any size a properly fitted bra is critical. Victoria’s Secret is not a properly fitted bra my lovelies. Please seek out a finer department store or specialty bra shop. They know what they’re doing and have a range of sizes.

The actual website is Simply Yours and I’m not immediately seeing information about shipping outside of the UK.  If you’re interested, I suggest you call or email.  Or hit up a friend in the UK to do it for you.  Your 32D blogger will be checking her own bank account shortly.


Next I really want to showcase one of my favorite little sites. Trashy Diva is this amazing vintage style clothing line based out of New Orleans. Their own line is filled with ’40s and ’50s style dresses, blouses and skirts (and a drop of lingerie). I have one of their dresses (which I’ve been meaning to have altered) and I always get complements on it. This is a store I’d love for you to support. While their sizes run on the smaller end of plus (up to about an 18 depending on the style), some of their styles truly do accommodate and flatter a curvy figure. At the low end of the scale they go down to a size 2, so lots of us can enjoy these designs.

This “Ashley” dress is the one I own in a different print, and it’s one of the most accommodating styles. I can’t say enough about the styling here, and the fact that it’s based on an actual 1940’s style shows how amazing clothing used to be.

The bust is gathered and lined, and attached to a smooth slightly empire waist , while the skirt apparently combines parts of a bias and an A-line skirt.  It’s knee-length with cap-sleeves. This particular style is $249 – keep in mind these are not mass-made clothing, and it’s a heavy weight silk crepe-de-chine . They do have a cotton line that runs about $100 less on average. Please patronize them if you can.


I promised you that I would show you more goodies from Marie Denee: from what I understand, Danish line Dear Starlet, is one of the up and coming plus sized designers, and looking at her clothing it’s easy to see why.  These designs are unlike anything I’ve seen in the U.S. probably in any size. Beautiful colors, fabrics and styling – truly unique.  Her “web shop” has only a fraction of her line; I’m hoping it will add more, so be sure to check out her Spring/Summer collection.  I’m going to show you one item available for purchase, and one apparently not – at least online.  But hey – if you’re ever in Denmark…

This is Dear Starlet’s “Nice Top”.  Who am I to disagree? 299 Danish Kroner apparently is only about $53 bucks.  I can’t tell the material – probably synthetic?  Some kind of soft rayon or silk blend? It ties at the waist with little belt loops, the top may be slightly elasticized – again, hard to tell.  I’m assuming the buttons attaching to the round collar are there for show or decoration, again I could be wrong – maybe you can make the top strapless.  In any event it looks like a dark, steel grey.

If you visit the home page – put on your mute button. I’m not a fan of pages that spring music on you.


The second product from this line appears to be a light grey spring trenchcoat; it’s from the Spring/Summer 2009 line, so let’s hope lots of stuff from there gets added to the website soon!

I’m seeing a slate/dove grey trenchcoat, with a large collar, belted waist and contrast buttons.  It’s scrunched up in the picture, but I’m estimating it’s knee length.

It’s also rather odd that there don’t seem to be any sizes. I added something to my shopping cart…and that was it. I regret to tell you I have no more information than that my little pr0n friends. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open and update you.


Let’s see what other goodies I have for you. Ah, yes. Again from Denmark (seriously, is it something in the water over there?)  is a delightfully off-beat site Carmakoma.com .  I adore the clothing over there. I try to show you all a variety of pr0ny stuff, but my own personal style tends towards more classic stuff.  So when I find a site that’s completely different from my own taste but still hits just that right spot, I’m thrilled.  Their line is…slightly goth?  Slightly punk? Just quirky and adorable. Reader WDarling, this means YOU!

Again, I’m so thrilled that I’m going to show you two items (I did promise Supersized Pr0n).  First is this “Lovely Coral” smock.

It took several Danish to English translators, but here’s what I can tell you about this piece: Dress shirt with short sleeves and bold detail. Closed with stofbetrukne buttons front. Beautiful neckline, large pockets and length difference of the bags and thick. Bungee detail on sleeve and on his back. A smockpanel that provides a beautiful and flexible fit.

Styling Tips: Use as a dress shirt dress over leggings (style Luxx). Combine any. dress with a short blazer jacket (style Cloe). Composition: 100% cotton. Colors: available in black or coral. Cost is 82,05 Euros, which about $108 USD. Sizes are US 10 – 20


Second is this “Million” party dress/top, and the obvious comment is that you will look like a million bucks in it!

The official description loses a little something in the translation, so let me tell you about this. This is a long top, with a stretch bust in orange purple and black sequins. The top comes with straps that can be used as a halterneck, regular shoulder straps or  hidden for strapless.  The front is apparently shorter than the back.  (Trust me, the official translation is…something else.)

Styling tip: use the top for a couple leggings (style luxx) or Harem trouser (style Kiki). May. styles over a tanktop or shirt or under a cardigan (United style). Composition: 100% viscose. Length along sidesøm str: XS = 56cm S = 57.5 cm M = 59 cm L = 60.5cm. Styling Tips: Use as a dress shirt dress over leggings (style Luxx). Combine any. dress with a short blazer jacket (style Cloe).

I think this is so chic and cute, especially for someone younger. It’s flashy without being trashy, and all too often plus sized clothing that exposes skin can really walk that line. So if you’re buying this please make sure you’re not going to be hiking it up over “the girls” all night. If you are, it doesn’t fit. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. For both dresses there are lots of pictures at the website with styling ideas, which is fabulous for the style challenged! Same sizes – US 10-20, and 61,51 Euros, which is about $82 USD.


My darling pr0n stars, I have waded through endless pages of ugly shoes just to bring you a few big and wide shoes delicious enough to be considered pr0n.  Several were nice, but they were like…soft core pr0n. It’s just not the same and you feel slightly let down.  However, I persevered! And I have come to you with an offering of Stuart Weitzman “Nanny” in patent leather Sequoia Glove .

These are 3″ high heeled patent leather oxfords, with a brushed leather lining and a leather sole. Zappos.com has these shoes at a 28% discount for $150.28. They’re currently in stock up to a 9.5W.


Also from Stuart Weitzman are these irresistible “Obladi” pointy toe gray tweed flats – currently in stock up to a size 10W.

.Pointy toes aren’t as in fashion as they were a few years ago, but within reason they’re still very chic and these are fantastic with jeans or suit pants or a pencil skirt. Go wild with a pencil skirt and a tight cardigan and rock that “sexy secretary” look.


I always like to end things on a high note, and this is very high indeed. Endless.com not only offers free shipping and returns, but free overnight shipping and returns. I’ve had very good experiences with them.

For you my most precious, I found these David Tate “Denver” boots , in red patent leather, up to a size 11.5 WW. You can thank me later.  I will caution you that these are all man-made materials, made in China.  They claim to have top-notch quality, which is entirely possible.  I’ve got a pair of Sperry Topsiders that I adore.

So that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Pr0n Plus.  Think of it this way – when someone asks you what you were doing today, you don’t have to tell them you were looking at pron; just tell them you were shopping!

As always, it was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

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