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Shoe Pr0n Blow by Blow

Darling Pr0n Stars: Hello! Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening!  Today I was inspired by my good friend Manolo, the Shoeblogger. He always has good advice and the most breathtaking shoes, but the shoe he had today, Miu Miu Spectator Peep-Toe Mary Janes were so beautiful, I had to share.

There’s a lot in this title to take in, so let’s break it apart. Brand: Miu Miu, named for its designer, Miuccia Prada. Sound familiar?  It should; she also owns & designs the brand Prada.  See?  You know so much already!

Peep-toe is self explanatory; make sure you’ve got a good pedicure before you show those tosies, and for the love of Pete if I see ANY of you wearing reinforced hose (the kind with a seam on the toe) with a peep-toe, I will haunt your nightmares for eternity, so help me!

Spectator is normally a men’s type of shoe, marked in appearance by the contrasting size cut out dots.  A lovely way to reference menswear in women’s clothing is to take a classic men’s style, like a spectator, and make it girlie. Here it’s also a mary-jane style (a girl’s type of shoe with a a strap over the foot or ankle). A pump merely means that it has a heel.

Conversely, the neutral colors and spectator detailing keeps the mary-jane patent leather, platform heel and bow from looking garish or over the top. This is a shoe that is a study in perfect opposites.


What makes a beautiful men’s shoe? Its more subtle. Pr0n guys must learn to see the difference between a classic shoe and a contemporary one; between dowdy and geek-chic, and above all a lovely leather.

If you’ve followed the Pr0n previously, you know I have a specific weakness in the men’s shoe genre: the shoe boot. *fans self* With the shoe boot you have a very old style, almost vintage, that’s been tweaked to look effortlessly modern.

Pr0n guys, you want a boot that looks jaunty and delicate, not clunky and ready to actually go riding in. Think Prince Charles, not Charlie Brown.

Think about this Prada at Bluefly.com. Vegetarians will cringe when they find out that it’s calfskin, but nothing feels quite like it. What’s nice is the rounded toe, slight heel and stretch shaft, to help your manscaped feet ease inside.

Let’s talk about manscaping for a moment before we move on: pr0nstars, I’m expecting ALL of you to be in your pedicurist’s chair once the weather turns warm. We’ll look at the Mandal (the Man-Sandal) in another post, but everyone deserves pampering and nobody deserves toe-cheese.


Don’t let anybody tell you that you have to wear 4″ heels to have a shoe that makes your heart skip a beat. Your podiatrist may not like you anymore for wearing perfectly flat shoes, than soaring heels but we can rock a pair of orthotics when we’re old, anyway.

I swore I wouldn’t show you another pair of patent leather shoes this time – it’s my problem, not yours and I recognize that I need help for it. BUT, I saw these D&G Dolce & Gabanna shoes and I needed you to see the beauty in simplicity.

These are a pair of deep green patent ballerina flats. Made in Italy. Perfection in style, quality and color.

Pr0nstars I hate to leave and have to say good night. But I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in this post and need to rest.  Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more; I think that’s what we’ve learned in this post. That and who Muiccia Prada is. The more you know.


Until next time – comments are love. It was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

Orange You Glad You Wore Orange?

Hello, my little Pr0n Stars!  Don’t think I haven’t missed you.  Hopefully I’m back, as is the pr0n; we’ll see what form it takes.

Today I want to talk about broadening your color horizons.  A few years ago if you’d looked in my closet, you’d see all shades of blue, pink and purple.  I knew what looked good on me, but there were so many other colors missing!  Since then, I’ve been adding poor, neglected orange, green and yellow.  They may seem like tricky colors, but before we’re done you’ll all be running out to taste the rainbow.

Let me show you some of my recent purchases, and lusts (it wouldn’t be pr0n without lust).  It wouldn’t be Spring without a pair of cute little go-with-everything flats, but if you’re like me with very high arches (VERY), that may seem like an impossible task. Born Peony in Orange

UNTIL I found Peony, by Börn. Börn shoes are like the Birkenstock of shoes, with high quality that fit the contours of your feet.   Look at the adorable Peony flower that will tell everyone that you’re not afraid of color.

I picked these up in orange; other colors such as green, yellow, blue, black and pink are a bit harder to find. But what an easy way to add a pop of go-with-everything color to your wardrobe!


Kate Spade Tutti Frutti Maryanne

Speaking of easy pops of color – try a brightly colored handbag for spring!  PUT THE BLACK HANDBAG DOWN.  Din said so.  (My peeps call me Din.  That’s just how we roll.)

I’m always lusting after a Kate Spade (or 5) and throw in patent leather and I’m a puddle on the floor.  This Tutti Frutti Maryanne is on sale (ON SALE) for $228, including free shipping at Kate Spade.com.

You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s usually a sale on sale this time of year. Put yourself on a website’s mailing list to be the first to know about sales, get coupons, etc.


My new go-to website for cute clothes is Tobi.com.  They’ve got a great selection, and especially their sale stuff is super reasonably priced.  They ship usually same or next day, so if you live on the West Coast, you’ll get your stuff in a snap!  Everyone knows getting the stuff is part of the fun when you order online.

You know the feeling you get slipping into your favorite t-shirt? That’s the feeling you get putting on clothing by Velvet by Graham & Spencer – one of my new favorite brands for tops, sweaters and dresses. Their stuff is just to-die-for soft, and if you’re a bit on the smaller busted side, you’ll thank me in the heat of summer when you pull on their Lisbet Dress in Medium for $29! Scurry – this little melon darling won’t last long.


But not all of us can pull off such a dress, and most of us have lives wherein we’re in air-conditioning about 40 hours a week. For you, my little Pr0n Workers, I point you to your nearest Anthropologie for the Reed Shirtdress.

It’s sold out online in orange , but if you like it, hopefully you can find it in one of their brick and mortar stores once another pr0n star returns it (the horror!) or find it in a different color. It’s only $59.95 down from $118…

Which is a perfect segue (I used to be able to spell that word) to pimp one of my new favorite blogs: Effortless Anthropologie.

It’s author, Roxie, knows this store inside and out – to an extent that’s almost a little scary. :) But lucky for us she shares her knowledge with review posts, complete with pictures, and sale posts every week. If you’re not reading Roxie, you’re going to miss what you want.


Orange is so wearable my little Pr0n Stars: pale blonds, dark brunettes, and even redheads can wear this color in the right shade.  When you do wear it, you will get so many complements!  Most of them from non-stars who didn’t think they could wear orange.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and hopefully I’ll have another one later in the week!  Comments are love.  :)

Until next time, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Steals and Deals at Neiman Marcus

Turquoise Skirt Suit, $93.75

Turquoise Skirt Suit, $93.75

It’s getting to be that time of year, pr0n stars: where the temperatures are high and the prices are low.  It’s the time of year where you can find incredible deals even at stores like Neiman Marcus, that might otherwise be off your radar.

There were so many great finds that I had hard time whittling them down for you.  Let’s not waste any more time.


Have you ever found a bargain so good that you almost wonder what’s wrong with it?  Don’t wonder, just BUY this stunner of a turquoise suit.

The jacket has a portrait collar and button front with long sleeves. It comes with a peplum pencil skirt, made in the USA.

Here’s the kicker: this entire suit is still available in sizes 6, 8, 10, & 14 (classic sizing).  The site will take another 25% off the current price when you get to checkout, bringing this $250 suit down to $93.75.

If you need summertime suits, don’t let this one slip!


Gray Leather Trapeze Jacket - $103.00

Gray Leather Trapeze Jacket - $103.00

.Sizes 16/18 I got your bargain right here, and it’s a gem.  How would you like a grey leather trapeze jacket?  Yeah?  How about for  $100?  Yes?  Good?  Okay – here you go.

Exclusive to NM, a gray leather trapeze jacket, size XL (16-18).  I adore the feminine details; check out the funnel collar, 3/4 length sleeves and gathers just above the bust.

The trapeze shape is going to make it super flattering and easy to wear.

You’re not going to pay $295, oh no.  Your price is only $103.00.  Get it NOW.  Bargains like this don’t come around very often.


Bettye Mueller Two-Tone Sandal, $195.75

Bettye Mueller Two-Tone Sandal, $195.75

Pardon me for oversharing, but I want to lick these shoes.  I’m a huge Bettye Muller fan; she makes shoes that are feminine, fun and a little funky – frequently with just a slightly retro feel.

Think of these two-tone sandals as an investment:  an investment in deliciousness. Two-tone patent leather open toe sandals come in either blue/purple or hot pink/orange, with a t-strap vamp, and 3″ stacked heel.

If you get open toe shoes, I beg of you not to wear closed toe hose with them.  You can even buy footless hose now!  Seeing covered toes peeking out from an open toe has got to be one of my fashion pet-peeves right behind Visible Panty Lines.  But I digress.

Lots of sizes (5-9) are still available in both colors.  Normally you’d pay $390 for the privilege of slipping these on, but take an extra 25% off the sale price at checkout for a final price of $195.75.


Artist Colony Tunic in Baked Apple, $35

Artist Colony Tunic in Baked Apple, $35

.Let’s go bargain basement.  Is $35 low enough for you?  Buy the Artist Colony cotton tunic and wear it Spring through Fall with jeans or underneath a suit, or even with a pair of bermuda shorts and sandals.

“Boho chic” is still super stylish and popular; the embroidery bib, gathered empire waist and slightly puffed sleeve give this shirt a bohemian vibe without looking messy or out of date.

Pictured here in “baked apple”, it’s also available in black and taffy (ivory), sizes 4-10 contemporary, which runs a little smaller than a “classic” fit.  A size guide is available on the web page.

An empire waist tunic is really flattering if you’ve got a little tummy to hide.   Empire waists stop at your smallest part, just under the bust, and then skim over what’s below.  Three-quarter length sleeves are a great way to also bring the eye up.


Juicy Couture Flower-Button Trench Coat, $194.25

Juicy Couture Flower-Button Trench Coat, $194.25

Would someone please buy Juicy Couture’s flower-button trench coat so I don’t?  *cries*

The hardest part of writing a shopping blog is that inevitably you find something you want to buy, and I want this coat.

Juicy’s clothing is always colorful and slightly girly.  How can you not fall for a poinsettia red short cotton trench with 3/4 length sleeves and gold-tone flower buttons?

Sizes petite (0) to XL (14) are still for the taking, but Juicy definitely sizes contemporary so check the size guide.  Save another 25% at checkout, for just over half price off $398 – final price $194.25.


taryn by Taryn Rose Driver Ballerina Flats, $98.25

taryn by Taryn Rose Driver Ballerina Flats, $98.25

If you’re like me, you love the look of little flats, but your feet hate them.  Enter taryn by Taryn Rose’s Driver Ballerina flats.

Is it a driving moc?  Is it a ballerina flat?  It’s both and it’s ergonomically designed to fit your feet.

You may care that Taryn Rose was an orthopedic surgeon before she was a shoe designer, or maybe that these oh so cute shoes come in blue and camel patent leather, were made in Italy with fantastic stitching detail.

You should care that instead of $195, they’ll cost you $98.25, and there’s still size 12 available in camel!  Someone tell me I don’t need the blue ones…

There’s lots more to see, like this Nanette Lepore Buzz sundress for $81, so don’t wait, and be sure to enter code NMSUMMER for free shipping.

I just saw that Saks is having a big clearance, so I’m off to see what’s there. That’s it for this edition of Shopping Pr0n, my little pr0n panecotta.

It was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?