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Pr0n Plus: Almost March Edition

45 Pounds at Simply Yours

£45 at Simply Yours

Welcome back pr0n stars; if you’re new to Shopping Pr0n, welcome!  This is Pr0n Plus, my weekly blog post on plus size fashion.  Today is a very exciting edition for two reasons: 1) I have my voice back.  Wheeee!  I haven’t been able to talk since a week ago last Saturday, and I love to talk; 2) Gok Wan! Gok Wan! Gok Wan! Our favorite plus size lingerie/shapewear designer from the UK (think Carson Kressley) has new items! Yippee!


I’ll start with one of the new Gok Wan items, just to tease you a little.  To my right is the new black Sex Kitten Corset (there’s also a mini).  Me-ow!  Who wouldn’t want shapewear that’s going to make you feel this good?

It’s perfect for a strapless dress, or under anything where you’d prefer bra straps not show.  Sex Kitten is made out of poly/cotton with stretch, a pink contrast lining and a pink ribbon closure.  Look at the back! Oh, and it comes in sizes 8-32.  Everybody gets some Gok Wan!  In USD you can get some for $65 and change.

As always, I offer Dinsquared’s Cultural Exchange Program: if you’re in the U.S. and need your GW fix, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.


$106 at Stop Staring

$106 at Stop Staring

If you feel like continuing the vintage feel of your outfit, feast your eyes on this Cute Rockabilly Dress from Stop Staring Clothing (No, really.)  I’ve adored this dress from the moment I saw it.

So check it out: this aqua blue retro dress is made out of 4-way stretch fabric, has puff sleeves, a Peter Pan collar, black buttons and trim, and real pockets!  The skirt has a slight A-line.

Stop Staring Clothing offers about 10 plus size dresses and they’re all lovely.  This is a limited edition, and they make it in sizes 1x, 2x and 3x.  Fly my little pr0n fans!  Fly like the wind!


Starting at $169

Starting at $169

Imagine this: here you are in your aqua Cute Rockabilly Dress, you open up your closet and there like Manna from Heaven are a pair of clearance Kathryn Kerrigan open toe Wendy Pumps.

It’s perfect, isn’t it?  Handcrafted leather shoes from Spain up to a Euro 46, which is a U.S. 12-12.5ish.  Make sure you pay close attention to the 3.5″ wedge heel.  Your blogger has a pair of shoes with heels of this type and they are so easy to walk in!  Red patent leather will criss-cross over your foot and back around your ankle to buckle on the side.

Pr0nistas, these were originally $315, and they’re now $169!  That’s (*calculates*) about 40% off!  I like chocolate chip cookies as a thank you, if you’re so inclined.


42 Pounds at Simply Be

£42 at Simply Be

Moving in a different style direction, I have to show you this super comfy looking Military Style Jacket.  I found it at Simply Yours, the fashion sister to Simply Be, and it is brand spanking new.  I love new!

USD about $61, 96% cotton, 4% stretchy stuff, sizes 14-32 *gasps for air* and machine washable.  I love machine washable!

This color is actually Khaki, but you can get it in Black also.  It has epaulets on the shoulders, and buttons down the front.  Throw it over a heavy cotton sweater while it’s still cool, and over a t-shirt, jeans and sandals for a summer evening dining al fresco.



32 Pounds at Simply Yours

£32 at Simply Yours

Since we’re on the same site, let’s look at two more new Gok Wan items.  This lovely lady is wearing the new Banger Booster and Super Slicker Knickers.  Try saying that ten times fast!  Not only are these items new, but the color is too! It’s called…Passion.

The Banger Booster is a multi-way bra with pink lined cups, an extra set of clear straps and “Gok Cookies” for extra…er…boosting. :D

The Super Slicker Knickers (also available in regular Slicker Knicker). ”

  • These high waist briefs are perfect for holding you in
  • With boning to the waist and powermesh to the front these provide firm tummy control
  • Flattering on your behind with ruching detail to the back”
  • Super Slicker Knickers is sizes 8-32, Banger Booster is 34A-42G.  Gust in case.


    69 Pounds

    £69 at Pink Marzipan

    Now, I’m going to stay in the UK for the next item, because it’s another dress from our friends PAS at Pink Marzipan, whom I’ve showed you items from in the Pr0n Plus Presidents’ Day Edition and in the Feb 8 Edition.

    From what I’ve seen, blue is going to be huge for spring, especially this cobalt blue.  This dress is a long sleeve silky tunic style that has front seaming and button detail.

    This dress, and this style, are just perfect for you apple shapes with great legs!  Nobody knows what’s going on under that dress, all they see are your glorious gams.

    Hourglasses and pears: sorry, this dress isn’t for you;  it just won’t do justice to your curves.  Stick with the aqua dress at the beginning of the post.

    $102 at Zappos

    $102 at Zappos

    As an apology to my U.S. readers, my last two items are from Zappos.com, and both have free shipping!  By now you’ve been sucked, banged, boosted, and wedged to death.

    “Din!” you cry.  (Because you’re my peeps and that’s how we roll.)  “Din! Show me something comfortable!

    And I heard your cry.  And I found you flannel PJs.  And I looked upon what I had done, and I saw that it was good. (Sorry, getting a God complex here.)

    Actually, what I did was look at these Bed Head flannel plus size pajamas at Zappos.  Zappos has free overnight shipping on clothing, and free regular shipping on shoes, which frequently turns out to be overnight.

    I’m showing you the aqua dots, but there are cranberry pineapples, pink birds, red pineapples, a jungle print and a partridge in a pear tree the whole shlemiel in “classic” sizes, too.  Sure they’re $102, but they were $140.  You’re saving money!


    I could never finish Pr0n Plus without a pair of wide width shoes for my pal Eolivet.  This week I have for her and you, Casey,  Giraffe print flats available in wide and made by Fitzwell.  For your little feetsies they have a gel insole in the heel and a lightly cushioned foot bed.

    These run small so order one size UP.  Also these  beauties don’t have any arch support, so buy them wide and put an insole in, or make sure you have flat feet.  Only $67.50, on sale from $75.  I like Thin Mints, too.  No pressure.

    $67.50 at Zappos

    $67.50 at Zappos


    That’s all the time we have, my little pr0n peas.  Please come again.
    As always, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

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    Pr0n Plus: Presidents’ Day Edition

    Welcome to another edition of Pr0n Plus.  It’s a pr0n packed post, so let’s dive right in.  In this week’s edition, I’m going to show you a stunning pair of handmade vegetarian pumps up to a size 11,  plus size bikinis from Type Z,  and a Rockabilly trousers/sweater combo – just to name a few!


    Did I mention a stunning pair of handmade vegetarian pumps? Would I lie to you? Sui Generis is an offshoot of brand Beyond Skin.  Both lines are exquisite, ethical footwear; the company is based out of, and makes their shoes in the UK.

    These are made out of hemp with a man-made sole and faux patent metallic piping and a 4″ heel.  Beyond Skins’ packaging is recycled or made from sustainable materials, and vegetable based ink.  A percentage of the company’s profits go to ethical charities.

    If you have an extra $645.95 to throw at a pair of shoes, Endless.com will throw in free shipping.  And if you do, send pictures!



    I feel a bit bad (not that bad) for starting off with $600 shoes; as an apology, I’ve brought you tan patent leather button nose pumps from Type Z.  Also in a 4″ heel, you can have these in a slightly less ethical tan or black patent leather, and brown or red leather.

    These cuties have a lightly padded footbed and white contrast stitching; they may run about 1/2 a size larger than marked, which is nice since they go up to a size 10W, so that’s like a 10.5, right? Sort of like Daylight Savings time in a shoe.

    They’re available with free shipping at Zappos.com.



    Interestingly, the next item is also from Type Z.  I have two (technically 3) adorable bikinis for you, also at Zappos.  I’ll see what I can find out about the brand for you next time, my little pr0n pumpkins.

    What I love about these styles are halter tops, the moderate seat coverage, and the overall styling. It’s so hard to find plus sized swimwear that’s youthful!  The first one is in solid navy (always flattering), sizes 16 and 24; it’s also available in non-plus sizes, XS, M and Large.

    Unfortunately it is sold as a set, rather than as separates, so you have to be the same size on top and bottom. Fortunately, the top has adjustable strap, and it’s $75 with free overnight shipping.



    The other style looks the same, but is slightly different.  Sarah comes in a red floral, and an orange multi-stripe. Both the back and neck are adjustable, and the bottom has a low rise (it’s shorter from crotch to waist.  I dislike that word: ‘crotch’.) and moderate seat coverage.

    It’s a shame that the plus size version of this is more than the under-14 sizes (Two way adjustable straps? Really? Hmm…), but it’s less than a $4.00 difference.  Sizes 16-18 are $71.10, still with free overnight shipping.


    You know what else is red?  These “Greta” lipstick red wide leg trousers from Collectif, which has tons of vintage, retro and rockabilly clothing in a wide range of sizes.

    They do have a tendency to run out of sizes, but the good news is that means the products aren’t mass produced!  You can always email them to find out when and if a particular product is coming back in stock (and they do).

    Currently they have an 8 & 10 in black, and um…no red. :( But I wanted you to see them anyway, because I never show you lovely pr0n people trousers and they will come back in stock. This is a UK store, and most products go up to a UK 20 or 22, so a U.S. 18-20ish.

    Greta is £40 or about $58 USD, they’re showing it with the “Jo” cardigan – so cute in a round neck black sweater, with red cherry appliques on both sides! £30, or about $43, U.S.  Collectif will ship worldwide, starting at £8 or about $11.50.  Come back soon Greta and Jo (please?) !



    While you wait, how a about this Frill Front Contrast Skirt Dress over at SimplyBe? I love this concept: a dress that looks like a skirt and a dress; black on the bottom, and a ruffled white sleeveless top with black buttons running down the front.

    Even better, this is 100% cotton and machine washable.  The skirt has front pleats, hits just above the knee, and stops around your natural waist – maybe a drop higher.

    This should be a very forgiving and flattering style. Whether you’re straight or curvy, this dress should work pretty well on you.  It’s particularly good if you’re too curvy to normally wear skirts (like your dear blogger) but love the look). Oh, the skirt has 4% elastyne in it for stretch, and the whole thing can be yours for £40 or about $58. A total steal!

    Just a reminder that Simply Be does not ship to the U.S. yet, so if you need this in sizes 14-32, make friends with someone here or elsewhere in the U.K. They don’t bite unless you ask. :)


    If you need a dress and have a little more money to invest, check out this black 100% wool David Meister belted jersey sheath dress.   Classic dresses don’t get much better than this: pleated scoop neckline, wool jersey sheath dress, with a skinny patent leather belt at your natural waist and cap sleeves.

    It’s 43.5″ from shoulder to hem, and form-fitting at the bust and hip.  This is just such a perfect way to show off your figure at work or at night; it will last you for years.

    As I said, this is an investment in your wardrobe, but Nordstrom guarantees their price, and will match anyone else’s. Nordy’s generally has A+ customer service! Plus if you shop there they sometimes have a live piano player.  I’m just saying.


    Lucky for you, I found a very similar style for less than half the price back at Zappos.com (Aren’t you lucky?). Lee by Serena is a 100% cotton dress with white contrast stitching and front skirt pleats.

    The seaming is going to create the illusion of curves if you don’t have them, the pleats will give the skirt a little style and shape, and the back pleat is great for moving and sitting…which most people like to do.

    The Serena is 1/2″ longer than the David Meister and hand washable (since it’s cotton). At $83 with free overnight shipping it’s not a bad alternative in the least.   Any tailor could give this a quick nip, tuck and hem if you find the fit isn’t quite what you’d like, and it would still be less than $258.  But I think it’s interesting to compare the two and see what a $100 dress looks like versus a $250 dress.

    I think the David Meister is still probably overpriced, but keep in mind the styling and the fabric.  That’s why I always say that pr0n is about quality, fabric and fit. (I really do say that!) Also check out the iGigi.com – their Gabriella Contrast Trim dress has a similar feel.


    Technically, Torrid is the plus-size little sister to Hot Topic, and the quality isn’t as high as I usually like.  But I really liked their pants when I was plus-size for one very specific reason – they’re low-rise.

    Because they’re a “junior cut”, if you carry your weight in your lower body and don’t need the tummy room that most plus-size pants have, Torrid might be a godsend for you, as they were for me. They were practically the only pants I could wear at the time.

    Sometimes pr0n is getting what you need, and that’s these super wide leg gray cuffed trousers.  They’ve got two front pockets, belt loops, cuffed hems, and 5% spandex.  They should hit around your hip.  If that’s the widest part of you, that’s where your pants should hit.  Any higher and they’re going to make you look wider.  So: $52, machine washable, sizes 12 (also helpful)-26

    Is it me or has this post been lacking in color? Let’s change that with a pop of color in a sheer summer pink Berto shirt from PAS (the same people who made that hott dress from last week) at Pink Marzipan.

    The shirt is sheer (duh), so you’ll need a cami underneath it (just like in the pic), but it’s a fun way to play with an outfit.  It’s nice that the shirt is machine washable (delicate cycle in a wash-bag), even though it’s 40% silk (60% polyester).

    You could put this under a suit, or with a cotton skirt; it’s collared with a front buttons to just past the empire waist, princess seams, which are going to help create a waist, and it measures 26.5″ from shoulder to hem.

    Pink Marzipan is selling this for £60, or about $86 USD, which is a little pricey, but a really nice shirt that will go with everything.  In the UK shipping is free (for this item) and it appears they ship at least to some places internationally.


    This last picture goes out to my pal LaynieLink, who loves tights.  WeLoveColors.com is a site that only sells plus-sized tights! Every color and pattern in the rainbow is available here in lots of different types of tights: footless, cotton/lycra, colored fishnet, and on and on.

    Call me crazy, but I’m in love with these Zig Zag Checkerboard tights.  While these are a “one-size”, most of the tights are sold in sizes A (4’11”-5’5″ 160-22o lbs) -EE (5’5″-6’0; 320-375 lbs).  Solids are more than appropriate for work; rock out the splash or other patterns with a simple outfit on the weekends (and send me pictures!)

    They also sell stuff for men and children, and other accessories (gloves, arm warmers, socks), mostly around $12-18.00.


    There you have it, lovely pr0n watchers! I hope there was something for everyone in this post. I love comments, and I do take requests, so speak up!

    Until then, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

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