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Sales Roundup: We Shop So You Don’t Have To

Is your credit card warmed up, pr0nsters?  You’d better get it handy because I’ve got the latest and greatest sales and sales codes for all your internet shopping needs.  Today in Shopping Pr0n: 25% off shoes at Hayden-Harnett, 40% off sales at ChickDowntown, and save the cheerleader Neiman Marcus, save the world!

Hayden-Harnett Platinum Tejus Lizard Flat

Hayden-Harnett Platinum Tejus Lizard Flat

Do you need shoes?  I need shoes.  Everyone needs shoes!  Hayden-Harnett has a new shoe line and they want you to have shoes.

In order to facilitate that process, they’re giving you 25% off all their shoes, including these Platinum Tejus Lizard Flats, which also come in Black and Eucalyptus.

With 25% off, they’ll only set you back $157.50.

On Sale at ShopTwigs

On Sale at Shop Twigs


Head over to ShopTwigs to stock up on some mighty fine sale items.

Find 3 or more to your liking and take 20% off by entering Extra20 when you get to checkout.

For instance, you could get these mini check wool tab trousers  by Milly, San Tropez Teardrop Earrings in Turquoise , and a tiger’s eye drop necklace , take 20% off and only spend $132.80 – just over $125.00.  That’s a steal!


Kate Spade Pasadena Neda; on sale $168.75

Kate Spade Pasadena Neda; on sale $168.75

You only need to buy one of Kate Spade’s Spring “Must-Haves” to get 25% off at checkout. Indulge your blogger’s love of all things shiny and patent leather and look at the Pasadena Neda in mustard (mustard!).

Isn’t it shiny? And yellow?  It also has twelve card slots, two billfolds, a change pocket and an exterior slide pocket.

At almost 4″ high, by almost 8″ long, please don’t call it a wallet; it prefers to be called a “carrying case”.

Adam Midnight T-Shirt Dress at ChickDowntown.com

Adam Midnight T-Shirt Dress at ChickDowntown.com

ChickDowntown is having an absolute blow-out sale.  Use code “ADD40” and take an additional 40% off sale items. 

These are final sale items, and don’t qualify for free shipping, but with prices like $67.50 for this ADAM Midnight T-shirt dress, sizes 4 & 10, if you’re a fairly easy fit, check their size charts and go for it. 

This is 100% silk charmeuse, lined in 100% silk chiffon.  Seriously, people – buy this!

They’ve got absolute pages upon pages of sales items to browse through; it’s not the best layout in the world, but you’re shopping – it could be worse!


Tibi Red Gerbera Shell at ChickDowntown

Tibi Red Gerbera Shell at ChickDowntown

How about this Tibi Red Gerbera Shell for $54? Size 8, 100% cotton.  Brilliant blossoms top with back button closure.

Oh – I’m looking at this size chart and these are definitely not true-to-size.  I wear a size 6 on top, and according to their size chart I’d be about a 10 on their site.  So proceed with caution. 

If you have a store nearby that sells this brand (say a better department store) and can try a few pieces on just for size, that would be a good idea.


Juicy Flocked Shirt at Neiman Marcus

Juicy Flocked Shirt at Neiman Marcus

Finally, I was reading just the other day about how venerable luxury retailer Neiman Marcus posted a 20% loss compared to this time last year.  So it occurs to me – pr0n stars: it’s time to do our part.  We too must sacrifice in order to save the economy.  We must shop at Neiman Marcus.

Think you could never afford to shop at Neiman’s? Think again. Think about this Juicy Couture Flocked top. Very bohemian. Very mint. Very $59.00.

Theory Cargo Skirt at Neiman Marcus

Theory Cargo Skirt at Neiman Marcus

Or this Theory Cargo skirt for $75.00.  They call the color “Myrrh”; I think Theory would have made an excellent gift for the baby Jesus, don’t you?

You know what this post needs? More cowbell handbags and shoes.

These Taryn Rose boots are an incredible find.  Taryn Rose is a former Orthopedic Surgeon turned shoe designer who creates stunning shoes that are good for your feet.

Taryn Rose Helium Polished Leather Boot

Taryn Rose Helium Polished Leather Boot

Unfortunately for us humans, the prices are stunning, too. 

Her Helium Polished Leather boots are still available in a wide range of colors and sizes, and are half-off, at $203.   If you’re in the market for a pair of black or brown boots try these.

My BFF, K, was recently treated to a pair of Taryn Rose boots worth nearly my monthly rent! Now that’s pr0n!


Lauren Merkin Eve Clutch at Luna Boston
Lauren Merkin Eve Clutch at Luna Boston

Handbag pickings at Neiman’s were pretty slim, so I went to old faithful, LunaBoston, to show you Lauren Merkin.  I looove Lauren Merkin clutches. 

I’m not normally a clutch kind of a girl, but these are so stylish and chich that I’m drawn to them.

Like this Eve Textured Lambskin clutch in Coral – it was $180, and it’s now $135 – plus free shipping for any orders over $100 and free returns.  What are you waiting for? Go! Shoo!


By now certainly you’ve found something to stimulate the economy with. I hope you enjoy your purchases (send me pictures!), and I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of Shopping Pr0n!

Until next time, my lovely pr0n pickles – it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Kate Spade Pr0n

Good Morning my lovely pr0n friends,

It’s far far to early in the morning my time to be writing a post; in fact I’ve been busy gathering posts for a post later tonight. But I received an email this morning saying that the venerable brand Kate Spade was having a blowout sale (and omg – it’s snowing!). After checking it out, I would be failing you as a blogger if I didn’t bring some of these pretties to your attention.


Of the handbags, I think this “savona paige” in watermelon or lime is quite the catch. (Okay, I don’t know that those are the color names, I made that up.)

It’s a narrow, over-the-shoulder hobo style in cowhide leather. Zipper closure, interior double slide pockets and zip pocket. 10.2″ drop length – this puppy will fit over your shoulder.

Let’s talk price: originally $375, on sale for $188 – plus take another 20% off (discount will show at checkout). That’s a grant total of $150.40 for a leather Kate Spade.

Shopping Pr0nistas, now is the time to remember the Second Rule of Shopping Pr0n: Get it while it lasts, supplies are limited, first come first served.

Go! Now! I’ll wait…

Got one in your shopping cart? Good. Moving on.


If you’re good with heels, I implore you to pickup a pair of these kelley spectator pumps.

These are 3″ patent leather pumps made in Italy. While they still have an array of sizes most of them are limited to this magnificent mustard color. Larger sizes also have forest green and purple. Put these puppies on your feet and feel like a pr0n star!

Kelley was originally $328, marked down to $164, and at checkout you’ll receive an extra 20% off, making your final price $131.20. Unbelievable. Run. Don’t walk. Do not pass go – do collect $200 for these shoes; you’ll have money in your pocket to spare.


Our next category is accessories – wallets and the like. I happen to loooove Kate Spade wallets. It’s just a thing.

Feast your eyes on this knightsbridge travel wallet in caramel, and pop clinton street taryn.

Okay , in order – the travel wallet holds all your essentials: passport, credit cards, plane ticket, itinerary. Six credit card slots, 3 zipper pockets and 3 slide pockets (and partridge in a pear tree).

It’s embossed patent cowhide. (Sorry, Bessie.)  Was $225, sale price $113 – take an extra 20% off to make your price $90.40. Outstanding.

The pop clinton street taryn is too cute for words. Your dear blogger loves color if you can’t tell. The stats are these: oxford nylon trimmed in mirrored finish metallic leather, classic french purse with 4 credit card slots, ID picture slot and coin compartment. And the color is so cute!!! (I wrote that part) $125, marked down to $94 – 20% off, for your price of $75.20! Whee!


.I can’t say I’m much of a fan of their apparel, but they do have this adorable red and pink lambswool hat.

“alpine norweigian cap”, originally $85, sale price $43, final price $34.40! Buy one for me, too ‘k?  Oh, it comes in white. Again, if you’re one of those people that can keep white clean for longer than the length of time it takes to get it out of the box (not me).


There’s a small selection of jewelry, none of which impresses your blogger. Stay tuned for (hopefully) tonight’s post. I’ve got jewelry out the yin-yang.


If you’re in the market for an upscale baby bag that doesn’t look like one, you could do worse than this lenox hill noel gabel. The “Dot Noel” is Kate Spade’s signature, like Coach’s c’s or Gucci’s G’s or what have you.

So – this zip around backpack is quilted polyester nylon with cowhide trim (can we have a moment of silence for Bessie?), 2 exterior bottle pockets,  interior zipper pocket and double slide pockets.

The lining is wipeable and waterproof, and a waterproof changing pad is included. Hey – can’t beat that with a stick.  Aaaand adjustable shoulder straps. Sounds nice, actually. I’d buy it if I had a kid.

The low down: original price is a mind numbing $425, sale price a hefty $225, your price (just because I like you) : $180. Not shabby.


.There’s some cute stationery if you’re in need, and some Christmas ornaments if you need your tree to be as well dressed as you are (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Check it out.


Last, but certainly not least, if you’re in the market for some divine luggage and have some money to blow, feast your eyes on this degaulle check in.

Emerald patent leather and pvc blend, too large to carry on (so you’re sucking up another $25 every time you fly) in-line skate wheels, telescoping handle, exterior zipper pocket, separate compartment with garment sleeve, lingerie bag, and elasic tie down straps.

Here’s how it’s going to go down: originally $695, sale price $398, final price $318.40. Can you get luggage for less? Sure. Is it outrageous for a good piece of luggage? No.

Take that for what it’s worth.


There’s lots more to see at Katespade.com my little pr0n0s. Do have a gander.

Until I see you again – it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

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Socially Responsible Pr0n?

Hey there Pr0nistas –

I’m going to take a break from my usual free-wheeling style to try to start an actual discussion about something that’s been on my mind.

As I was surfing through other WordPress blogs today, I started reading The Urban Landfill, which was filled with pretty pictures of shoes and handbags – my kinda blog. One of her posts was on Matt & Nat, a vegan handbag & shoe line I’ve seen before.  I was familiar with their stuff and even liked what I saw, but hadn’t told friends about it – my stamp of approval for things I like.

What had stopped me from recommending this line was that all of it is made in China.  What’s the problem with products made in China? Aren’t many products we buy made there? Many are unfortunately, so many it’s almost unavoidable.

The reason so many of our products are made in China is because it’s very inexpensive for companies to produce their items in China.  There’s a minimum wage, but it’s not enforced; what few labor laws there are aren’t enforced; there are no unions, no sexual harassment laws, or Workers’ Compensation – all of these protections we have in the U.S. (and other industrialized nations) cost companies money.  In an effort to keep costs down for us, the consumer, companies take their business overseas, frequently to China.

What are working conditions in China? According to the U.S. China Business Council, “… In practice, however, the rights of Chinese workers are routinely violated. Workers are often required to work far more than 40 hours a week, have few days off, are paid below the minimum wage, and are not paid required overtime.  Improper deductions from wages are common. vSome Chinese workers must pay a … “deposit” to their employer, and … a “recruitment fee” in order to be hired… Physical abuse of workers, and dangerous working conditions, are also common. A New York Times article from January 2008 reports that “worker abuse is still commonplace in many of the Chinese factories that supply Western companies”

Now, I buy products made in China.  I don’t like it, but I do it.  So what’s my point?  My point is that I’m not making any claims to be particularly cruelty-avoidant.  A nice person maybe, but I digress. I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian. I won’t wear fur; I will wear leather, and I like my steaks cooked medium, please.

If you check out Matt & Nat’s blog, they say that their company is “a Montreal-based socially responsible hand bag line [and] is one of the most forward-thinking companies to date. And their bags (all vegan leather and environmentally friendly.)” An interview for The Montreal Mirror says, ” All their products are made in China, but … because their bigger buyers, including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Dillard’s, insist on customers signing contracts that make sure no children were used in manufacturing, [Matt and Nat] uses the bigger, more ethically reliable Chinese factories to make their stuff. This keeps the company in line with their corporate philosophy.”

Talk to me pr0nistas: does this ride with you?  Does it sit well?  If there’s one thing that’s not pr0nish to me, it’s companies talking out of both sides of their mouths, and this leaves a bad taste in mine.  In a country still a Communist regime for all intents, where there’s no freedom of speech or the press or religion, in a country where you can only have one child, and females are routinely aborted, abandoned or neglected, in a country where 20 years ago peaceful protesters were killed in public, in a country where people disappear, is it enough for a company calling itself “socially responsible” to say it’s okay to do business in a country simply because they’re not using sweatshops?

Clearly by now you know my opinion, but I’d like to hear yours – agree or disagree.  What matters to you, pr0ners?

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Inaugural Pr0n

Welcome to your Inaugural Shopping Pr0n (OIC what you did there.) As the saying goes, opinions are like belly buttons: everyone’s got one. Some of us have more than one. (Opinion, not belly button. That would just be weird.) As long as everyone else is talking about Obama fashion, my opinion is at least as good as anyone else’s.

Who needs a puppy when you have these two?

Starting with the highest high note: Malia and Sasha Obama in J. Crew. I can’t say enough about these outfits. So bright and colorful, coordinated without looking cloy and totally age appropriate. Malia gets royal blue, accented with black tights, gloves and scarf, while Sasha gets a cotton candy pink coat, accented with red tights and shoes, a coraly pink dress and orange scarf and gloves. LOVE orange and pink together. SO current. While the outfits were custom made, thumbs up to the Obamas for going with a mass-market designer; they looked comfortable and happy (and warm, hello?). I want to snuggle them. 10 out of 10.

Seriously, are there two more attractive people in this country?

Let’s start with the First Lady (whee!) getting it right, because when she gets it right she is just such an elegant woman. With her height and her figure, who wouldn’t want to dress her? At the Sunday Inaugural Concert, that honor went to Narcisso Rodriguez. Narcisso shares something with Mrs. Obama: when he gets it right, he gets it so so right (see Charlize Theron, Kate Moss, Salma Hayek). But when he get is wrong, as in that awful belted red thing Michelle wore after the election? *sigh*

Anyway, let’s examine this outfit: The coat is camel colored with a black lining, then there’s a matching camel colored pencil-skirt, black belt, black crew-neck sweater with a few sparkles, a black scarf, and black kitten heels from what I can see. The color combination is divine. If you want classic you just can’t do any better than camel and black, and both colors look really nice with Michelle’s skin. Loving the pencil skirt, I think it’s a fantastic sillouette for her, and don’t even get me started on that coat. *droooool*

I’m not crazy about the sweater. First, I don’t like crew necks on her – like me, I don’t think they’re flattering and she needs a slightly more open neckline. The beading…is kind of meh to me. It feels borderline like that crazy Quacker Factory lady. Also, I have to deduct points for the shoes. I’m really not sure what the deal is with Michelle and shoes, but she needs an intervention. I think I had those shoes in 7th grade (don’t throw things at me!). If you’re going to wear flats (and you really shouldn’t with a pencil skirt), wear flats. If you’re going to wear heels, wear heels. Okay, keeping everything in mind I’ll give the outfit a final grade of 7.5 out of 10. Change the shoes and the sweater and you’ve got a 9 or a 10 on your hands.

The President looks effortlessly chic in a black suit, overcoat and gloves, with a cornflower blue tie. 10 out of 10. You can’t expect anything more out of that kind of an outfit…except bullet resistant clothing. So I have to say this one goes to 11.

Here’s where it starts to get dicey.

Really Michelle? Michelle, really?

I’ll start with the facts. The facts are that Michelle’s Inauguration Day outfit was made by Cuban born designer Isabel Toledo (To-LEY-do), who knew about when we all did that one of her creastions had been chosen by the new First Lady. Ms. Toldeo’s designs are characterized by the intricate designwork you can see on the coat and skirt if you look closely.

The color has been best described (IMO) as “lemongrass”. The coat is lined in silk and pashmina for warmth, and also has “arm sweaters” for extra warmth. It appears to be a just at or below the knee jewel-neck sheath, with a slightly darker toned empire waist cardigan that ties with a ribbon. The gloves are by J. Crew and the shoes are by Jimmy Choo. Those are the facts.

These are my opinions: I don’t like the color. Anyone who says it’s “sunny and optimistic” will be summarily smacked through the internet. It’s not. A sunny yellow would have been lovely. This is neither sunny nor optimistic. It’s bordering on the color of puke. The embellishment looks heavy and comes across as brocade, which is far too old for Mrs. Obama. It’s too long. She has a habit of wearing her dresses and skirts this length and it must stop.

Because she’s so tall, this length only makes her look disproportionately longer. Her skirts need to stop at the knee, please. The coat is even longer! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick are we trying to make the woman into Barbara Bush? Even Nancy Reagan had a better sense of proportion. I’m sorry, I’m getting upset. *inhales*

The collar isn’t fantastic; it’s slightly better than a crew neck, but not by much. The shape of the dress is okay – we know Mrs. Obama likes sheaths, but she could have done better. It needs more definition at her true waist or just slightly higher.

The gloves and shoes do not go. Stacy and Clinton say, “You don’t have to match, you just have to go.” The problem is that the greens she’s wearing aren’t in the same tone family. A similar shoe in a much better color is these “Amaya” pumps by Lauren – Ralph Lauren.

If I was dressing Michelle (I’d be a very content woman), I’d put her in something like this coral RM by Roland Mouret Romy Dress, give it a higher neckline, jewel length sleeves and make it in wool. Then I’d coordinate it with a mushroomy colored coat. Or, I’d put her in something like this Lela Rose Yellow Sapphire Wrap Dress. Make it in a nice nubby wool crepe or gabardine, with jewel or 3/4 length sleeves and a slightly darker toned coat. Oh, and lower the hem just to the knee. Did. Done. *nods* Oh – final grade…6 out of 10.

Okay. Moving on to happier times, the BALL *dun dun dun*. Not only does the First Lady have the pressure of choosing The Gown, but The Gown gets donated to the Smithsonian. That’s pressure. So how did she do?


A white one shoulder chiffon dress by designer Jason Wu, who again did not know his dress had been chosen until he saw it on TV. What’s good about this dress? The color. White is visually stunning against her skin, and I love the cleanness of it (and how the President matches her). The bodice. I love where the waistline hits her, I love how the bodice emphasises her top half and then just flowers up and over her bust. I like the skirt an awful lot. I think it’s what it should be for the dress, I think the detail on it (hand sewn) is beautiful, and I think overall it suits her personality, which is something I particularly appreciate. It’s very her. It’s modern and chic and young without being overdone. Her makeup was subduded and she looked radiant. I’m giving this a 8 out of 10.

I could quibble slightly with the President’s tux. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him in a more modern or European cut, which would have been slimmer, maybe a 3 button jacket. But his tuxedo was traditional and classic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 8 out of 10.

There’s your pr0n for today. It was good for me; was it good for you?

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