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Steals and Deals at Neiman Marcus

Turquoise Skirt Suit, $93.75

Turquoise Skirt Suit, $93.75

It’s getting to be that time of year, pr0n stars: where the temperatures are high and the prices are low.  It’s the time of year where you can find incredible deals even at stores like Neiman Marcus, that might otherwise be off your radar.

There were so many great finds that I had hard time whittling them down for you.  Let’s not waste any more time.


Have you ever found a bargain so good that you almost wonder what’s wrong with it?  Don’t wonder, just BUY this stunner of a turquoise suit.

The jacket has a portrait collar and button front with long sleeves. It comes with a peplum pencil skirt, made in the USA.

Here’s the kicker: this entire suit is still available in sizes 6, 8, 10, & 14 (classic sizing).  The site will take another 25% off the current price when you get to checkout, bringing this $250 suit down to $93.75.

If you need summertime suits, don’t let this one slip!


Gray Leather Trapeze Jacket - $103.00

Gray Leather Trapeze Jacket - $103.00

.Sizes 16/18 I got your bargain right here, and it’s a gem.  How would you like a grey leather trapeze jacket?  Yeah?  How about for  $100?  Yes?  Good?  Okay – here you go.

Exclusive to NM, a gray leather trapeze jacket, size XL (16-18).  I adore the feminine details; check out the funnel collar, 3/4 length sleeves and gathers just above the bust.

The trapeze shape is going to make it super flattering and easy to wear.

You’re not going to pay $295, oh no.  Your price is only $103.00.  Get it NOW.  Bargains like this don’t come around very often.


Bettye Mueller Two-Tone Sandal, $195.75

Bettye Mueller Two-Tone Sandal, $195.75

Pardon me for oversharing, but I want to lick these shoes.  I’m a huge Bettye Muller fan; she makes shoes that are feminine, fun and a little funky – frequently with just a slightly retro feel.

Think of these two-tone sandals as an investment:  an investment in deliciousness. Two-tone patent leather open toe sandals come in either blue/purple or hot pink/orange, with a t-strap vamp, and 3″ stacked heel.

If you get open toe shoes, I beg of you not to wear closed toe hose with them.  You can even buy footless hose now!  Seeing covered toes peeking out from an open toe has got to be one of my fashion pet-peeves right behind Visible Panty Lines.  But I digress.

Lots of sizes (5-9) are still available in both colors.  Normally you’d pay $390 for the privilege of slipping these on, but take an extra 25% off the sale price at checkout for a final price of $195.75.


Artist Colony Tunic in Baked Apple, $35

Artist Colony Tunic in Baked Apple, $35

.Let’s go bargain basement.  Is $35 low enough for you?  Buy the Artist Colony cotton tunic and wear it Spring through Fall with jeans or underneath a suit, or even with a pair of bermuda shorts and sandals.

“Boho chic” is still super stylish and popular; the embroidery bib, gathered empire waist and slightly puffed sleeve give this shirt a bohemian vibe without looking messy or out of date.

Pictured here in “baked apple”, it’s also available in black and taffy (ivory), sizes 4-10 contemporary, which runs a little smaller than a “classic” fit.  A size guide is available on the web page.

An empire waist tunic is really flattering if you’ve got a little tummy to hide.   Empire waists stop at your smallest part, just under the bust, and then skim over what’s below.  Three-quarter length sleeves are a great way to also bring the eye up.


Juicy Couture Flower-Button Trench Coat, $194.25

Juicy Couture Flower-Button Trench Coat, $194.25

Would someone please buy Juicy Couture’s flower-button trench coat so I don’t?  *cries*

The hardest part of writing a shopping blog is that inevitably you find something you want to buy, and I want this coat.

Juicy’s clothing is always colorful and slightly girly.  How can you not fall for a poinsettia red short cotton trench with 3/4 length sleeves and gold-tone flower buttons?

Sizes petite (0) to XL (14) are still for the taking, but Juicy definitely sizes contemporary so check the size guide.  Save another 25% at checkout, for just over half price off $398 – final price $194.25.


taryn by Taryn Rose Driver Ballerina Flats, $98.25

taryn by Taryn Rose Driver Ballerina Flats, $98.25

If you’re like me, you love the look of little flats, but your feet hate them.  Enter taryn by Taryn Rose’s Driver Ballerina flats.

Is it a driving moc?  Is it a ballerina flat?  It’s both and it’s ergonomically designed to fit your feet.

You may care that Taryn Rose was an orthopedic surgeon before she was a shoe designer, or maybe that these oh so cute shoes come in blue and camel patent leather, were made in Italy with fantastic stitching detail.

You should care that instead of $195, they’ll cost you $98.25, and there’s still size 12 available in camel!  Someone tell me I don’t need the blue ones…

There’s lots more to see, like this Nanette Lepore Buzz sundress for $81, so don’t wait, and be sure to enter code NMSUMMER for free shipping.

I just saw that Saks is having a big clearance, so I’m off to see what’s there. That’s it for this edition of Shopping Pr0n, my little pr0n panecotta.

It was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Outfits of the Day Pr0n: Michelle Obama & You

Welcome to the weekend, pr0n pineapples!  On Monday we had 6-8″ of snow here in Washington, DC; this weekend it may hit 75.  Change she is a coming.  Change is coming to the White House too, where First Lady Michelle Obama wore a black velvet pants suit to a White House dinner Wednesday!

Today in Shopping Pr0n we’ll look at that suit, and the fashion she wore to volunteer later in the week, and I’ll show you options for wearing both styles on your own.  Yay!

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Okay, how cute are they?  Have you ever seen a happier First Couple?  Anyway, I give Michelle lots and lots of fashion points here (I can give fashion points to whomever I want. They’re my points.)  Even if I think the outfit is a touch boring, I applaud her for wearing something fashionable and comfortable.  Never let anyone tell you that looking stylish has to be uncomfortable, poppies!  It simply isn’t so.

I like the cut of the suit, and I think it fits her well although I’m not a huge fan of the skinny ankle/baggy thigh thing that’s going on here.  I like the 3/4 length sleeves, the cuff bracelet, and the brooch.  Where the outfit loses me is the black thing that’s underneath.  I really would have liked something else here, maybe a blouse  or a cami, but not more black.

What are your options for wearing this style?  Let’s look.

Doin' It Obama Style

Pant Suit Options - Based on Mrs. Obama's Black Velvet Pant Suit

Remember that velvet is usually a winter fabric, and it’s tough to wear.  It’s a testament to how fit the First Lady is that she makes this work.  What I’ve found are several well cut tuxedo jackets and pants, all available at Bluefly.com.  Most of these are in  “sateen”, which will look crisp and a little shiny.  A little shiny is okay for evening.

For underneath, the one piece of all black I chose is this incredible stretch satin black bustier from D&G by Dolce & Gabbana.  The pink and gold lace camisoles are both from Leigh Bantivoglio at Bluefly.com.  There’s a wide selection and they’re all stunning.

Also take a moment to see the Armani Collezioni Asian Print Camisole at Nordstrom.  We should all be so lucky to have one exquisite piece like this.  Finally I chose a super long double strand of grey pearls – but anything delicate and/or shiny would work- and a couple of fun brooches.

It’s actually a super easy look to put together according to your style preferences and price point.  Wear any delicate shoe: dressy sandals, flats or heels, preferably in black or a metallic.

On Thursday, Mrs. Obama volunteered her time serving food at Miriam’s Kitchen, an invaluable resource in Washington that provides meals, case management services and housing support.   Michelle almost hit 100%, wearing a v-neck pink cardigan with a white ruffled shirt underneath, a pair of black pants, and a red and clear belt with brown pumps.

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

I love the look of this outfit.  She’s chic and casual and looks very much her. The cardigan is a great color for her, I like the contrast of the white shirt against her skin, and the pants (which you can see here) are a good style and fit.  But the belt.  OH the belt.  WHY???  What IS that???  It’s clear and it’s red and it’s awful!  I thought stuff like that went out in the ’80s!  I weep, pr0n stars. I weep.

Let’s look at how easy this outfit is to put together on your own.

Michelle Obama in Pink

Recreating First Lady's Outfit from Miriam's Kitchen

I found a bright pink plus-size v-neck cardigan from Calvin Klein at Bloomingdales, brown wool wide-leg pants at Bluefly from Susana Monaco, the white ruffle shirt is Banana Republic.  I have to talk about these shoes!  I want these shoes!  They’re from SimplySoles.com, and the designer is Chie Mihara.  “Saco” is $99, they’re 3.5″ heels, made in Spain and OMG they’re near my house! *squeals with delight*  Sorry, I digress.  The belt is Cole-Haan, from Nordstrom.  Cole-Haan knows leather.

Actually, everything in this set is under $100, except for the pants which are $101 and change, I think.  You could get every piece here for under $50 – piece of cake.  Try Target, try H&M, try the Limited, and stalk sales.

Just the other day I was at Loehmann’s and I got my very first piece of Lily Pulitzer: a sweater in the same pink as above which retailed for $158; I got it for $40.  Patience and persistence are virtues. :)

.Congratulations!  Now you look just like Michelle Obama!  Or…mostly.  Except for that whole First Lady thing.

Anyway!  I hope you enjoyed this “White House to Your House” edition of Outfit of the Day Pr0n.  Check out more First Lady Fashion in White House Portrait Pr0n, White House Pr0n and Inaugural Pr0n.

As always, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Photos of Michelle Obama are courtesy of The Huffington Post,


Clearance Pr0n

Welcome back, pr0n lovers, it’s good to see you again. Right now is that awkward time of year when you’re in one season, but the stores are in another. The good news is that if you play your cards right you can have a shopping trip to fill any pr0n fantasy. Today I’m going to bring to you the best of the best sales on the web. Just remember: half off Gucci is still a month’s rent. This is pr0n after all.

Whenever I’m looking for a pr0nish deal, I start at Bluefly.com . You can count on brand names you know at really good deals. Extra sales come frequently here, as well as lots of opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes for this or that. I haven’t won yet, but I keep trying! Speaking of which, right now they’re having their “Designer Blue Sale”, so lots of scrumptious sales are sure to be found.

I don’t usually start with handbags, but this kelly green patent leather “Diego Toto” tote by Shih Handbags caught my eye and wouldn’t let go. Let’s start with the price: this is a bag which retails for $495 – the Blue Sale price is $222.99.  That’s not a deal, that’s a steal.  Don’t think I’m not drooling over the divine patent leather green which is perfect for spring and summer – how often do you get a bag for next season at half off? Never! Hello? For those of the slightly faint of heart, it also comes in black patent leather, which is rarely a bad investment.

The other thing that I really want to point out about this bag is that the drop (the length from the top of the straps to the bag) is 8″, which makes it plenty long enough to actually be a shoulder bag.  I have a pet peeve about adorable bags that don’t fit over your shoulder. I’m sorry, but I’m not Holly Golightly walking around NYC in my pearls, and handbag in the crook of my arm. If you are, more power to you.

Now here’s where we get really pr0ny.  I’m going to show you the most delicious pair of shoes at the most delicious price – if they don’t have them in this color in this size, don’t blame me.

Let’s talk Nanette Lepore – a designer who makes the most adorable clothing and accessories with a feminine, vintage feel. Let’s talk a 3 3/4″ heel, with a slight platform and a peep toe; I’m guessing the platform is a good inch. What that platform does is make that 3 3/4″ feel like 2 3/4″, so your podiatrist won’t yell at you too much. The shoe comes in three flavors, I prefer the sand and black, but the ivory and taupe is also acceptable. The navy and cream is just a little too Andrews Sisters for me. These shoes retail for a substantial $495; Blue Sale price: $160.99. You heard me.  These puppies would go with everything: skirts, pants and dresses. They’d make a fabulous addition to your wardrobe.

Remember how I said half off Gucci was still a month’s rent? I meant Prada. Say it with me: Praaaaadaaaa. Doesn’t it just make you tingle all over? Men, I have for you a Prada herringbone wool 3 button suit at 45% off.

Retail price (I feel like I’m on The Price is Right here): $1895; Blue Sale price $1045.49. A Prada suit is an investment. (Prada anything  is an investment.) You put that suit on and it says: I look good. I feel good. I AM good. (What it says is “Call your your blogger. I’m single!) The one feature I want to call attention to is the “stance”; that’s where the top button hits.  Because the stance is particularly high on a three- button suit, it’s going to be flattering on anyone looking to hide a little tummy; the lower that stance is, the more you’re calling attention to it. Also, the rule for buttoning 3 button suits is from top to bottom: sometimes, always, never.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Remember we talked about Nanette Lepore earlier? I was surprised and delighted to find this pure silk “Dazzle Me Dress” on clearance at Cusp. Please please please go buy this short merlot dress with silver appliques. It was $595, and it’s on clearance (currently sizes two through eight) for $178.50. Boat neck, cap sleeves, keyhole detail. If I had the money, I’d buy it myself!  So buy it for me and wear it someplace fabulous. Maybe even with the guy in the Prada suit.

From Shopping Pr0n

Now just because this is pr0n, don’t ever believe you have to sacrifice form for function. Perish the thought! If you can’t find something stylish and functional, you simply haven’t looked hard enough! (Or read my blog.)  I’m going to show you all a few different bags, just to show how much of a variety in form and fashion there is, starting with this Cynthia Rowley “Neo Tote”. Cynthia Rowley is another one of my favorite designers, particularly when it comes to handbags, because her designs are fun. They have a sense of humor about them without feeling like your bag is screaming a la Betsey Johnson.

Don’t get me wrong, Betsey has a time and a place, but it’s not all the time and it’s not for everyone. Anyway, I love this adorable black and white (or red and black)  tote.  It’s perfect for an overnight bag, or an everyday handbag for someone in a more “flexible” industry.  Inside it’s divided into two compartments, with a middle zippered compartment, and the outside has a zipper on each side to make it expandable.  Note also the two outside front pockets. This bag was originally $398 and is currently on sale for  $199! Get it now! Go on, I’ll wait.

MEN: Please stop thinking that your only choices in life are the same basic black briefcase that everyone else has (you know, the one that’s not really made for a laptop that you overstuff ’til it groans and bulges like your belt after Thanksgiving dinner?), or a casual canvas messenger bag that you could (and may) have used in college. There is hope! For only $29.99…no, sorry. Got carried away there.  I’ll spare you the thousand dollar Prada this time in favor of this black leather Andrew Marc laptop messenger bag. That’s right, a leather laptop messenger bag.

Supple leather, 15″ width large enough for an average laptop, sling-like strap, an interior file pocket and a front flap with a magnetic snap closure for easy, but secure access.  The bottom has 5 metal feet, meaning if you put it on the ground it’s not going to destroy the bottom of the bag. Retail price $450, Blue Sale price: $270. Forty percent off, all access pass…

The last bag I’m showing is because my instinct is to go fairly girly, but I know some of you like the boyish girls and I want to show that a handbag doesn’t have to be ultra-feminine to be chic and fashionable and still look like a woman’s bag.

In fact, it’s called “Barney’s Chic Mailbag”. It’s got chic right in the name! Truth in advertising for once. Now, the bag has a 4″ handle drop, so if it’s going to fit under your shoulder, it’s going to fit right under your shoulder. But this is an Italian patent leather mailbag from Barney’s New York. It has a canvas lined interior with leather trim organizational pocket and two organizational pockets.

My little pr0n lovers, there’s nothing not feminine about this bag. Think Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo. Then think about the price: originally $695, now on sale for $169. If you have any interest in this bag GET IT NOW. Bargains just don’t get any pr0nier than this.

Our time is up my little p0rn fans. I’ll leave you with something all of us can appreciate. This Only Hearts lavender grey tiered camisole and hipster. Cami originally $59, now $17.70, hipsters originally $39, now $10.80-$18. Something to curl up with at night.

That’s it for now. It was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

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