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Orange You Glad You Wore Orange?

Hello, my little Pr0n Stars!  Don’t think I haven’t missed you.  Hopefully I’m back, as is the pr0n; we’ll see what form it takes.

Today I want to talk about broadening your color horizons.  A few years ago if you’d looked in my closet, you’d see all shades of blue, pink and purple.  I knew what looked good on me, but there were so many other colors missing!  Since then, I’ve been adding poor, neglected orange, green and yellow.  They may seem like tricky colors, but before we’re done you’ll all be running out to taste the rainbow.

Let me show you some of my recent purchases, and lusts (it wouldn’t be pr0n without lust).  It wouldn’t be Spring without a pair of cute little go-with-everything flats, but if you’re like me with very high arches (VERY), that may seem like an impossible task. Born Peony in Orange

UNTIL I found Peony, by Börn. Börn shoes are like the Birkenstock of shoes, with high quality that fit the contours of your feet.   Look at the adorable Peony flower that will tell everyone that you’re not afraid of color.

I picked these up in orange; other colors such as green, yellow, blue, black and pink are a bit harder to find. But what an easy way to add a pop of go-with-everything color to your wardrobe!


Kate Spade Tutti Frutti Maryanne

Speaking of easy pops of color – try a brightly colored handbag for spring!  PUT THE BLACK HANDBAG DOWN.  Din said so.  (My peeps call me Din.  That’s just how we roll.)

I’m always lusting after a Kate Spade (or 5) and throw in patent leather and I’m a puddle on the floor.  This Tutti Frutti Maryanne is on sale (ON SALE) for $228, including free shipping at Kate Spade.com.

You didn’t hear it from me, but there’s usually a sale on sale this time of year. Put yourself on a website’s mailing list to be the first to know about sales, get coupons, etc.


My new go-to website for cute clothes is Tobi.com.  They’ve got a great selection, and especially their sale stuff is super reasonably priced.  They ship usually same or next day, so if you live on the West Coast, you’ll get your stuff in a snap!  Everyone knows getting the stuff is part of the fun when you order online.

You know the feeling you get slipping into your favorite t-shirt? That’s the feeling you get putting on clothing by Velvet by Graham & Spencer – one of my new favorite brands for tops, sweaters and dresses. Their stuff is just to-die-for soft, and if you’re a bit on the smaller busted side, you’ll thank me in the heat of summer when you pull on their Lisbet Dress in Medium for $29! Scurry – this little melon darling won’t last long.


But not all of us can pull off such a dress, and most of us have lives wherein we’re in air-conditioning about 40 hours a week. For you, my little Pr0n Workers, I point you to your nearest Anthropologie for the Reed Shirtdress.

It’s sold out online in orange , but if you like it, hopefully you can find it in one of their brick and mortar stores once another pr0n star returns it (the horror!) or find it in a different color. It’s only $59.95 down from $118…

Which is a perfect segue (I used to be able to spell that word) to pimp one of my new favorite blogs: Effortless Anthropologie.

It’s author, Roxie, knows this store inside and out – to an extent that’s almost a little scary. :) But lucky for us she shares her knowledge with review posts, complete with pictures, and sale posts every week. If you’re not reading Roxie, you’re going to miss what you want.


Orange is so wearable my little Pr0n Stars: pale blonds, dark brunettes, and even redheads can wear this color in the right shade.  When you do wear it, you will get so many complements!  Most of them from non-stars who didn’t think they could wear orange.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and hopefully I’ll have another one later in the week!  Comments are love.  :)

Until next time, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Recession Pr0n

Hi Pr0nsters, I’m slowly recovering from my flu hell, and figured if I was sitting on my couch anyway, I’d bring you some lovely bright pr0n, all under $100! In today’s post I have the most divine purple top you’ve ever seen, a turquoise knotted shirt up to 3X, an organic cami and pantie set from Etsy, and a bright blue button down men’s shirt just to name a few. Let’s dive in.



$79.00 by Shar Dann

I’ve been looking for an excuse to show you this top since I found it…which was a while ago.  Via SmashingDarling.com, which specializes in indie designers, Shar Dann is hand making this absolute piece of art.  It’s made out of Modal/Cotton/Lycra, with a Silk applique.

The last time I featured SmashingDarling was during Eco Friendly Pr0n, when I showed you designer Gina Michelle and her bamboo dresses.

I’m in awe of how this top is gathered and sewn; I can’t believe it isn’t twice the price it is. This is purple; it’s also available in Berry and Black, up to XL, which is a size 16.  I’m tempted to find a place for it in my own wardrobe.


If you’re a devoted Pr0nista,  you know by now that I believe good fashion has so much to do with detail.  A twist on a simple design can make a boring shirt exciting. For example this turquoise knotted front top from Missphit.

$36 at Missphit

$36 at Missphit

For only $36 my fuller figure pr0n friends can have this lovely turquoise top up to a size 3x.  What’s so great about the shape of this top is that it’s going to work on you whether you have a waistline or not.

The v-neck is going to draw the eye down and create the illusion of a longer/slimmer neck. Then it knots in every woman’s smallest place: right under the bust.

If you have a little waist, this will just make it look better, and if you don’t, this will just hide your tummy and make it seem like you have one.

Wear it with khakis or a casual skirt or jeans and a pair of heels, and accessorize with a great necklace or a pair of dangly earrings…


Was $225, now $95

Was $225, now $95

…and take with you this adorable fuchsia (I spell that wrong every single time) clutch from Lina Pelle that I found on sale at Luna Boston.

(Surprisingly, the last Luna Boston bag I showed you is still available. Just not under $100.)

Most of what’s over at Luna is so very very pr0nish, including Linea Pelle, which is a luxury leather line, so finding this on sale is a true find.  As I’m sure you can imagine, it’s available in limited quantities – especially when you see the zebra striped lining. Couldn’t you just die?

Luna says “Danielle” is a soft buttery leather with funky silver-tone hardware, and measures 11.5″w x 6.5″h x 1″d – enough for your cellphone, ID/money case, lipstick and condoms. (I’m just saying. A true pr0nista protects herself.)




Accessories are so important, aren’t they, dumplings? I like to accessorize with a lovely man on my arm.  Maybe he’s even wearing this aqua blue-with white squares “Chillin Villian” shirt?

In my travels I’ve learned that apparently men aren’t supposed to wear bright colors.  No wonder men dress poorly; they’re bored witless!

Luckily Tobi has this shirt for you.  They’re calling it green; I say aqua blue.  Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.  What matters is that it’s 100% cotton, made in India, and fits true to size up to an XL.  The gentleman to my right is wearing a large; you can see his measurements by clicking on the picture.


Was $158, now $79.95

Was $158, now $79.95

For crisp, cool summer dresses, you can find me trolling the racks at Anthropologie, and I’ll be trying on the Missouri Primrose Shift.

In cobalt blue cotton, with a cotton lining and silk flowers climbing up the side, where won’t you go in this dress?

Put it on with a pair of casual sandals during the day, and change into a dressier pair at night with a delicate bracelet and a cardigan – maybe in red or green.

Its available in regular or petite sizes 2-12 still! Go on – time’s a wasting!


Cami $24, Hipster Panties $14

Cami $24, Hipster Panties $14

To stay cool and comfy, slide into this organic cotton cami/pantie set that Louella Bloom sells on Etsy.

I’ve shown them here in plum, but they’re also available (on sale) in yellow, as well as gray, black, and cream, also as a thong, panti and nightie.

The best part to me is that they’re tagless! If you have sensitive skin like your dear blogger, this should be music to your ears.

For something a bit fancier, see the organic silk set I had, also in Eco Pr0n.




Lovely pron friends, there is a time and a place for plaid. That place is not on your man’s shorts or pants.  It is, however on his sneakers.

These raspberry/blue plaid converses are scrumptious and perfectly appropriate with a pair of easy fitting shorts or jeans or khakis.

You can even wear it with something like the blue and white shirt above, just don’t go crazy. Keep it to one additional color, and you’ll be fine.


Finally, just as I started with something I needed an excuse to share, I’m going to end with the same. (Really this whole blog is just an excuse to share things I like, but who’s asking?)

Was $280, now $84

Was $280, now $84

I adore Milly New York. I’d roll around in her line if it could (This is pr0n after all.)  The colors she uses, combined with the classic, feminine shapes, attention to detail, quality fabrics and slight retro winks make this blogger’s heart go pitter-pat.

This red button pleat shirt from Shop Twigs is a prime example. If you lean in a bit,  you can see the jacquard pattern woven into the Italian wool.

It’s 95% wool with a 100% silk lining, and it falls 19″ from the natural waist.  Just imagine it with gray tights and a pair of flat knee-high boots (like these Bandolinos $89.95!).

The front pleat is known as a reverse pleat (because it’s reversed, see?).  Normally pleats = bad; in this case, pleats = good.   The skirt is made in NY and only available in sizes 4,6,8, but what a deal you’re getting! Have I really not shown you any Milly yet? Shame on me!

I hope you found something today to add to your closet.  If not, just wait a day or two; there’ll be more! Don’t forget, every Monday is now a new edition of Pr0n Plus!

As always, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

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