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House Of Harlow Chelsea Sunglasses

House Of Harlow Chelsea Sunglasses

Look like a celebrity! Check out these brand new “Chelsea” sunglasses in “Grapefruit” from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 line. Brand new never worn!

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Shoe Pr0n Blow by Blow

Darling Pr0n Stars: Hello! Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening!  Today I was inspired by my good friend Manolo, the Shoeblogger. He always has good advice and the most breathtaking shoes, but the shoe he had today, Miu Miu Spectator Peep-Toe Mary Janes were so beautiful, I had to share.

There’s a lot in this title to take in, so let’s break it apart. Brand: Miu Miu, named for its designer, Miuccia Prada. Sound familiar?  It should; she also owns & designs the brand Prada.  See?  You know so much already!

Peep-toe is self explanatory; make sure you’ve got a good pedicure before you show those tosies, and for the love of Pete if I see ANY of you wearing reinforced hose (the kind with a seam on the toe) with a peep-toe, I will haunt your nightmares for eternity, so help me!

Spectator is normally a men’s type of shoe, marked in appearance by the contrasting size cut out dots.  A lovely way to reference menswear in women’s clothing is to take a classic men’s style, like a spectator, and make it girlie. Here it’s also a mary-jane style (a girl’s type of shoe with a a strap over the foot or ankle). A pump merely means that it has a heel.

Conversely, the neutral colors and spectator detailing keeps the mary-jane patent leather, platform heel and bow from looking garish or over the top. This is a shoe that is a study in perfect opposites.


What makes a beautiful men’s shoe? Its more subtle. Pr0n guys must learn to see the difference between a classic shoe and a contemporary one; between dowdy and geek-chic, and above all a lovely leather.

If you’ve followed the Pr0n previously, you know I have a specific weakness in the men’s shoe genre: the shoe boot. *fans self* With the shoe boot you have a very old style, almost vintage, that’s been tweaked to look effortlessly modern.

Pr0n guys, you want a boot that looks jaunty and delicate, not clunky and ready to actually go riding in. Think Prince Charles, not Charlie Brown.

Think about this Prada at Vegetarians will cringe when they find out that it’s calfskin, but nothing feels quite like it. What’s nice is the rounded toe, slight heel and stretch shaft, to help your manscaped feet ease inside.

Let’s talk about manscaping for a moment before we move on: pr0nstars, I’m expecting ALL of you to be in your pedicurist’s chair once the weather turns warm. We’ll look at the Mandal (the Man-Sandal) in another post, but everyone deserves pampering and nobody deserves toe-cheese.


Don’t let anybody tell you that you have to wear 4″ heels to have a shoe that makes your heart skip a beat. Your podiatrist may not like you anymore for wearing perfectly flat shoes, than soaring heels but we can rock a pair of orthotics when we’re old, anyway.

I swore I wouldn’t show you another pair of patent leather shoes this time – it’s my problem, not yours and I recognize that I need help for it. BUT, I saw these D&G Dolce & Gabanna shoes and I needed you to see the beauty in simplicity.

These are a pair of deep green patent ballerina flats. Made in Italy. Perfection in style, quality and color.

Pr0nstars I hate to leave and have to say good night. But I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in this post and need to rest.  Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more; I think that’s what we’ve learned in this post. That and who Muiccia Prada is. The more you know.


Until next time – comments are love. It was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

Dresses for Your Body Type: The Petite Apple

If you’re petite, 5’4″ and under, dressing well, particularly in skirts or dresses, can be a challenge.  And if you’re apple shaped – top heavy, a bit lumpy in the middle, with smashing legs-  it can be far too easy to wind up looking like a big lump.

My BFF K rang me up recently, in need of a dress to take her through a few occasions, with about $150 to spend.  Her challenge, proves that anyone with any body shape can find what they need and still be fashionable, and in budget.  K is a pretty average petite apple, but she has one specific need: long sleeves to cover a tattoo. - SHIRRED DRESS, $138 - SHIRRED DRESS, $138

What I went looking for in a dress to flatter K, and would for any petite apple are three things: 1) Either an empire or a dropped waist dress – a true waist will call attention to her tummy.

2) A loose fit in front. If you’re doing two pieces do not tuck in your blouse.  You need it to cover anything extra between your waist and hips.

3) A hem length at or above the knee. For a petite, anything below the knee is going to make you look overwhelmed and dumpy.  In a sense you’re lucky: skirts that might be too short on a taller woman can be an appropriate length for you.


When I think floaty dresses, I think Max  This shirred, tuxedo front dress will flatter a larger chest, cover arms, and show off legs, with no one will be the wiser to anything you don’t want to show around your stomach.

An open neckline will balance a larger chest – and most importantly, the chest is just decorative not stretchy.  If you have a large chest, you don’t want anything that’s going to stretch over it.  This is ruffles, not elastic.  Its conservative enough for a business dinner, and formal enough for a wedding.

Generra Tunic Dress

Generra Tunic Dress,, $178

This tunic dress from Generra at is slightly over budget, and a similar style to the first.  But since it’s not quite as floaty and a little more contemporary, it’s a nice comparison.

Made out of silk and cotton, it’s a great deal at 30% off the original price.  Notice that the basic shape is the same as the first dress: long sleeves, open neck and straight from gathers at the chest.

It looks mid-thigh on the mannequin, but will likely hit lower on a shorter woman.  The contemporary style is a little more casual, but it can easily be dressed up with accessories, and the silk will help it look dressier.


PAROSH Shirt Dress from YOOX, $155

PAROSH Shirt Dress from YOOX, $155

I adore everything about this next dress at Yoox.  From the silver color, to the rough silk fabric, to the modern shirt-dress cut.

It’s a winner in my book, and it’s selling out fast. It’s not a completely long sleeve, but on a petite it should be long enough to get the job done.  Worst case you could put a sheer long sleeve tee underneath

This particular dress could be very flattering for all shapes:  on an apple it’s going to flatter a tummy and show off your great legs.

Even pear shapes or hourglasses could find this accommodating to hiding a hip-y area while flattering a waist – or it could be too tight around the bottom and have no shape around the waist.  You’d just have to try it on.


Diane Von Furstenburg - Short dress, $195 on YOOX

Diane Von Furstenburg - Short dress, $195 on YOOX

I don’t know what it is that’s got me showing all blue dresses, but that’s just what I’ve been finding.  This Diane von Furstenberg short dress is different from the others I’ve shown, because it has a dropped waist.

Ideally the sash will hit around the hips, and the dress will be looser everywhere else.  For you apple shapes with your flat tushes and nice legs, by all means try this type of dress.

A lightweight cashmere dress such as this one is virtually seasonless: just put a long sleeved t-shirt and tights underneath it when the weather gets chilly.


Mixie "Maggie" Dress at Green Apple, $150

Mixie "Maggie" Dress at Green Apple, $150

I finally found a pop of color at Green Apple, this neat site that showcases new and unique designers.  Mixie is a local Orange County, California designer.

“Maggie” is made out of Modal, which is a slightly more casual looking fabric, but between the color and the style of the dress, I think it’s sufficient for a slightly dressy occasion.

At 36″ long, it could be a touch long to be in proportion, but if you can wear a pair of nice 3″ heels with it, that will adjust accordingly, or you can get it hemmed.  A good tailor is your friend.


Eve Gravel Air Dress at Mudshark Streetwear, $165.60

Eve Gravel Air Dress at Mudshark Streetwear, $165.60

Pr0n stars, I searched high, low and everywhere in between to fine just one more fabulous dress for all of you.  I found it at Mudshark Streetwear, a fabulous online Canadian retailer with a simply enormous selection of unique, reasonably priced clothes, much of it eco-friendly.

I absolutely love the mix of ’80s and ’60s style in their Gravel Air Dress.  The top is a raglan sleeve – it’s hard to tell whether or not it’ll stay on both shoulders.  If not, wear a cami underneath, or have a tailor put one of those lingerie bra buttons in.

The slightly lowered waist has a matching belt with a pop of white button, and then attaches to an above-the-knee slightly A-line skirt with white front pockets.  It’s all together in a stand-out indigo color.  For a dress that matches your attitude, look no further.  Your budget will barely stretch at $165.60.

I hope this post has shown you a variety of styles that will work for your body type.  I love dresses because of their ease and flexibility.  It’s so easy to make them different by putting on a blazer or sweater or different jewelry or hose or tights.  K, I hope there’s something here for you. :)

Got a body shape or an event you need help with?  Email me!  Maybe you’ll have your very own post.

Until next time, it was good for me.  Tell me, was it good for you?