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Michelle Obama Style: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Pron friends, I have seen the past few weeks in First Lady Fashion and I am not amused.  The Belt of Doom is back; actually every belt of doom is back, I’m seeing awful black pant…things, and jewelry that threatens to eat the entire country.  March had not been a kind month to Michelle Obama, my little pr0n pears and then…just when all hope was lost.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.


This month, Michelle Obama had the honor of being the first person ever to share the cover of O Magazine with Oprah Winfrey.

Michelle Obama on O Magazine

Michelle Obama on O Magazine

My first impression was that she looked fantastic.  Overall, that’s still true.  It’s a beautiful photograph of a beautiful woman, but there are really significant styling problems.

The colors together are gorgeous; vibrant coral and lemon yellow look great on the First Lady, and the whole thing just makes me feel happy all over.  The open neckline flatters her face.

The first problem is that awful belt that she wore when serving food to the homeless.  I’m sure the homeless had better things to worry about than her belt, but surely at O Magazine a very polite stylist could have guided her gently away from it.

It’s some sort of clear red wide plastic belt horror. “It came from the ’80s!!”  The rest of the problem is apparently the length of the cardigan.

What’s happening is that because the cardigan goes over her hips, it emphasizes rather than flatters or ignores.  In combination with the sweater, the belt chops her in the middle, making her look heavier .

But don’t take my word for it; see what the outfit could have looked like with a shorter sweater and no belt or with the belt, thanks to a great photoshop job by my friend LaynieLink, at my direction.  We make a good team.  Actually, with a shorter sweater and that coral dress, the belt…isn’t that bad.  Don’t hurt me.



Michelle Obama at Arlington National Cemetary

Mrs. Obama is wearing a variation on the same style here at Arlington National Cemetery.

I almost really like this outfit.  I love the layering of colors and fabrics that she’s using; the overall idea of this outfit is really very chic.

Can you spot the problem?  Once again her sweater is too long for her, and instead of hanging straight it’s pulling at the buttons.  That’s a sign of a poor fit.

No matter how cute those trendy “boyfriend” sweaters are, if it doesn’t fit over your hips, it doesn’t fit. There will be other sweaters.  Your blogger promises.


Michelle Obama at Ted Kennedy

Michelle Obama at Ted Kennedy

Here’s where things start to go terribly terribly wrong.  In this picture the President and First Lady are at Senator Ted Kennedy’s birthday party .

She appears to be wearing a piñata, combined with I don’t even know what for necklaces.  Here’s a closeup.

Michelle Obama Vintage Necklaces

Michelle Obama Vintage Necklaces



According to the First Lady’s Press Secretary, these are vintage pieces.  Lovies, sometimes “vintage” is just another word for “old”.

I like the dangly blue necklace as a piece by itself, but it doesn’t work with what she’s wearing (what would??).  The yellow thing. I…I’m speechless.  I have no idea.  I don’t know what it is, what it was, what it’s supposed to be.  My apologies to Senator Kennedy.


Michelle Obama at school

Michelle Obama at school

This week Mrs. Obama visited a school in one of the worst neighborhoods in Washington, DC to talk about growing up, and education, and First Daughters Malia and Sasha.

Can anyone tell me why she’s dressed like the Mother of the Bride Goes to a Funeral?  I just don’t get this outfit at all.

She’s wearing what may or may not be a pants suit.  The jacket looks like a raw silk, but the pants look like a smooth satin.  The whole thing looks like a fussy, too old, weird, ill-fitting mess.

Why is she wearing black in the daytime to a high school? What is that thing attacking her shoulder?  Why is she wearing tapered leg pants and why can’t she get cuter flats?

I care too much, I know.  It just kills me to see such a stunning woman take such strange fashion left turns.  *sigh* One day, my little pr0n pies.  One day people will listen to me.


Michelle Obama at Fort Bragg

Michelle Obama at Fort Bragg

The outfit Mrs. Obama wore to Fort Bragg in North Carolina is equally puzzling.

Again with the long cardigan/belt combination, black pants – possibly the same she wore to school? and a white button down shirt underneath.

There’s classic and then there’s boring.  I’m so bored I’m falling asleep (and not because it’s nearly midnight as I write this).  Why black??  Don’t our troops deserve to be cheered up?  How about brown?  Brown is a serious color, but it’s still a color.

Why not add a colorful necklace here?  Or a colorful belt (though I’m still not crazy about this belt phase she’s going through).  Her face is glowing and radiant; I can’t say the same for her outfit.

Honestly she looks like she’s going to sit shiva.  Or maybe it’s me.


I’m delighted to be able to end this post on a high note.  Today Mrs. Obama went to the ground-breaking of the new White House kitchen vegetable garden.  I could cry tears of joy.

Michelle Obama White House Kitchen Groundbreaking

Michelle Obama White House Vegetable Garden Groundbreaking

Mrs. Obama arrived in an oversized sweater/dress over a black turtleneck, and black leggings and paired with a black belt and black patent leather boots.

Here’s why it all works.  Without the belt, the sweater would look shapeless, keeping the outfit monochrome makes the whole thing long and lean, and overall it’s a a chic, relaxed style.  Personally I’d have exchanged the patent leather boots for a good pair of waterproof Wellies; this is DC in March we’re talking about after all, but no matter.

I’m giving this outfit an A. That’s right, this outfit takes the cake.  Well played, Mrs. Obama; our Shopping Pr0n hats are off to you.


That’s all for tonight my pr0n pecans.  More tomorrow!

Until then, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?


All photos courtesy of the AP and the Huffington Post

Sales Pr0n: Shop Bop 20% off 70%

Hello my lovely pr0n puffins.  I’m so sorry for being absent these past days – I’ve had a touch of blogger’s block.  I keep starting posts and deciding they’re just not worthy of you!  But to paraphrase the immortal words of  the Goddess Nike: just do it

Calvin Klein Kenney Gown

Calvin Klein Kenney Gown, $429.60

To that end, this is the first of two posts today – is giving you 20% off all items that are currently 70% off.  Confused?  Go here.  Find something you love.  At checkout enter code 20off70 before 11:59 on Thursday the 19th – save another 20%. 

As always here at ShoppingPr0n, we shop so you don’t have to.  I’ve taken the liberty of pulling the cream of the 70% off crop and I will deliver them into your greedy little laps.


I try not to show very many high end items; until I know that I have a following out in Web-Land for them I assume I mostly don’t (if I do, speak up!).  But occasionally a piece is too beautiful to resist.

Back View Calvin Klein Collection Kenney Gown

Back View Calvin Klein Collection Kenney Gown

Calvin Klein is known for femininity in simplicity and elegance; this buttery yellow “Kenney Gown” is classic Calvin Klein Colelction.  It’s a stretch silk (98% silk, 2% elastic; lining 100% silk) available in a size 6, made in Italy. 

If you don’t understand what’s so special about this dress, look at the back.  This gown was originally $1790.00, and it’s available for $429.

If you have a special once-in-a-lifetime event coming up: a non-traditional wedding maybe?  A gallery opening?  Choose a once-in-a-lifetime gown like Kenney.

For a slightly more down to earth dress, consider this adorable mod “Pocket Pleat Shift Dress” by Milly.  By now you know I’ll show you Milly any chance I get; really this blog is all about me. ;)

Milly Pocket Pleat Shift Dress, $108

Milly Pocket Pleat Shift Dress, $108

The trick to getting really amazing deals is to be flexible; pick up this sleeveless shift for next fall and winter.  As of this writing, it’s still available in a large, which is probably about an 8/10.  Check the size chart, peanuts.

 If you do invest in this dress, make sure you’re a person who can wear a natural waist (i.e. neither raised nor lowered).  Generally you should be pretty proportional to do this, particularly with your torso. 

Your dear blogger probably couldn’t pull this off because she has a very long torso.  Short torsos should go for no waist, otherwise they’ll look cut in half. 

(How do you know what you have? Do you wear one-piece bathing suits easily or do you find them too short/stop too low on the boobs.  If you wore a pair of higher rise jeans, would it just look unfortunate or would it stop under your boobs?  The former is long-waisted, the latter is short.)  Michelle Obama looks great in natural waistlines.

Check out the inverted (inside-out) pleat in front (kind of hard to see), it’s a detail that I’m seeing more of.  An inverted pleat should keep a skirt from looking too wide of boxy.  Pair this one it with a a pair of brightly colored tights and a grey cardigan.


Maloles - Party Pochette

Maloles - Party Pochette $79.20 (orig. $330)

The wonderful thing about handbags is that every size is yours!  Like this “Party Pochette” by Maloles.

A pochette is simply a pouch; Malole’s is bigger than it looks at 6″ x 11″.  Most clutches are much smaller and not terribly functional, unlike this one which has 4 interior sections, an interior zipper pocket, and a zipper pocket under the flap.

I prefer it in pink (I prefer everything in pink), but it comes in silver, too.


Leopoldo Giordano Folded Ornament Wedge, $130.8 (Orig. $545)

Leopoldo Giordano Folded Ornament Wedge, $130.8 (Orig. $545)

Shoes come in sizes, but they’re frequently seasonless!  I know I’ve shown you these divine blue wedges from Leopoldo Giordano before, way way back when in Sales Pr0n: Dying of the Flu Edition, but they’re even more on sale now!

Pancakes, these are $545 shoes for $130!  Please, won’t somebody think of the children and buy these shoes?  And if you do, send me pictures! (

These patent leather wedges have a tab detail at vamp, and a seam detail at the 4″ covered heel.  Made in Italy. 

Your podiatrist will not approve, but who asked her?  Oh – these are still available while they last in Euro sizes 38 -40.5 (about 8 -9.5). 

I know you won’t disappoint me.


Leopoldo Giordano Broken Top Line Pump, $116.40 (Orig. $485)

Leopoldo Giordano Broken Top Line Pump, $116.40 (Orig. $485)

Leopoldo (Mr. Giordano if you’re nasty) has also been kind enough to design for us what he calls “Broken Top Line Pumps” .

Regular pr0nsters know how much I adore details like this: the smallest style change that can turn a very nice pump into a sublime one.

Suede is kind of a cold-season fabric, but it’s not like anyone’s going to send the Fashion Police after you for wearing it past March.  It’s just a heavy fabric/cold season style generality. 

Brown and black are still available sizes 36.5 and up, but not for long!

Since I’ve shown you two “out of season” fashions, I’ll make it up to you with one more “in-season” top.

Karta Printed V Sleeveless Top, $74.88 (Orig. $312)

Karta Printed V Sleeveless Top, $74.88 (Orig. $312)


Surely this is one of the most unique tops I’ve ever seen.  Karta’s  Print V Neck Sleeveless Top is a black and white woven v-neck floral (lined), with a faceted-resin appliqué daisy on one side.  

I love the way bright colors are being used to contrast against black here.  The shirt is 25″ long, and on the model it stops just below her hips. 

I feel like this top would be fun to wear to the Kentucky Derby with some retro pumps, a cute skirt and a big ol’ hat. 

Our time is up for the moment, my lovelies.  I have one more post for you this evening: a product review. After that, hopefully I’ll be back on track.

By the way, Pr0nMom was supposed to go shopping for trouser jeans today, like the Lucky Brand ones I showed you in my most recent Outfit of the Day (erm – why didn’t you all tell me it said ‘Outfit of the Dayo’?).  We all know how awful buying jeans can be, so let’s wish her luck!

Until next time, it was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

Outfits of the Day Pr0n: Michelle Obama & You

Welcome to the weekend, pr0n pineapples!  On Monday we had 6-8″ of snow here in Washington, DC; this weekend it may hit 75.  Change she is a coming.  Change is coming to the White House too, where First Lady Michelle Obama wore a black velvet pants suit to a White House dinner Wednesday!

Today in Shopping Pr0n we’ll look at that suit, and the fashion she wore to volunteer later in the week, and I’ll show you options for wearing both styles on your own.  Yay!

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Okay, how cute are they?  Have you ever seen a happier First Couple?  Anyway, I give Michelle lots and lots of fashion points here (I can give fashion points to whomever I want. They’re my points.)  Even if I think the outfit is a touch boring, I applaud her for wearing something fashionable and comfortable.  Never let anyone tell you that looking stylish has to be uncomfortable, poppies!  It simply isn’t so.

I like the cut of the suit, and I think it fits her well although I’m not a huge fan of the skinny ankle/baggy thigh thing that’s going on here.  I like the 3/4 length sleeves, the cuff bracelet, and the brooch.  Where the outfit loses me is the black thing that’s underneath.  I really would have liked something else here, maybe a blouse  or a cami, but not more black.

What are your options for wearing this style?  Let’s look.

Doin' It Obama Style

Pant Suit Options - Based on Mrs. Obama's Black Velvet Pant Suit

Remember that velvet is usually a winter fabric, and it’s tough to wear.  It’s a testament to how fit the First Lady is that she makes this work.  What I’ve found are several well cut tuxedo jackets and pants, all available at  Most of these are in  “sateen”, which will look crisp and a little shiny.  A little shiny is okay for evening.

For underneath, the one piece of all black I chose is this incredible stretch satin black bustier from D&G by Dolce & Gabbana.  The pink and gold lace camisoles are both from Leigh Bantivoglio at  There’s a wide selection and they’re all stunning.

Also take a moment to see the Armani Collezioni Asian Print Camisole at Nordstrom.  We should all be so lucky to have one exquisite piece like this.  Finally I chose a super long double strand of grey pearls – but anything delicate and/or shiny would work- and a couple of fun brooches.

It’s actually a super easy look to put together according to your style preferences and price point.  Wear any delicate shoe: dressy sandals, flats or heels, preferably in black or a metallic.

On Thursday, Mrs. Obama volunteered her time serving food at Miriam’s Kitchen, an invaluable resource in Washington that provides meals, case management services and housing support.   Michelle almost hit 100%, wearing a v-neck pink cardigan with a white ruffled shirt underneath, a pair of black pants, and a red and clear belt with brown pumps.

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

I love the look of this outfit.  She’s chic and casual and looks very much her. The cardigan is a great color for her, I like the contrast of the white shirt against her skin, and the pants (which you can see here) are a good style and fit.  But the belt.  OH the belt.  WHY???  What IS that???  It’s clear and it’s red and it’s awful!  I thought stuff like that went out in the ’80s!  I weep, pr0n stars. I weep.

Let’s look at how easy this outfit is to put together on your own.

Michelle Obama in Pink

Recreating First Lady's Outfit from Miriam's Kitchen

I found a bright pink plus-size v-neck cardigan from Calvin Klein at Bloomingdales, brown wool wide-leg pants at Bluefly from Susana Monaco, the white ruffle shirt is Banana Republic.  I have to talk about these shoes!  I want these shoes!  They’re from, and the designer is Chie Mihara.  “Saco” is $99, they’re 3.5″ heels, made in Spain and OMG they’re near my house! *squeals with delight*  Sorry, I digress.  The belt is Cole-Haan, from Nordstrom.  Cole-Haan knows leather.

Actually, everything in this set is under $100, except for the pants which are $101 and change, I think.  You could get every piece here for under $50 – piece of cake.  Try Target, try H&M, try the Limited, and stalk sales.

Just the other day I was at Loehmann’s and I got my very first piece of Lily Pulitzer: a sweater in the same pink as above which retailed for $158; I got it for $40.  Patience and persistence are virtues. :)

.Congratulations!  Now you look just like Michelle Obama!  Or…mostly.  Except for that whole First Lady thing.

Anyway!  I hope you enjoyed this “White House to Your House” edition of Outfit of the Day Pr0n.  Check out more First Lady Fashion in White House Portrait Pr0n, White House Pr0n and Inaugural Pr0n.

As always, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Photos of Michelle Obama are courtesy of The Huffington Post,