Shoe Pr0n Blow by Blow

Darling Pr0n Stars: Hello! Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening!  Today I was inspired by my good friend Manolo, the Shoeblogger. He always has good advice and the most breathtaking shoes, but the shoe he had today, Miu Miu Spectator Peep-Toe Mary Janes were so beautiful, I had to share.

There’s a lot in this title to take in, so let’s break it apart. Brand: Miu Miu, named for its designer, Miuccia Prada. Sound familiar?  It should; she also owns & designs the brand Prada.  See?  You know so much already!

Peep-toe is self explanatory; make sure you’ve got a good pedicure before you show those tosies, and for the love of Pete if I see ANY of you wearing reinforced hose (the kind with a seam on the toe) with a peep-toe, I will haunt your nightmares for eternity, so help me!

Spectator is normally a men’s type of shoe, marked in appearance by the contrasting size cut out dots.  A lovely way to reference menswear in women’s clothing is to take a classic men’s style, like a spectator, and make it girlie. Here it’s also a mary-jane style (a girl’s type of shoe with a a strap over the foot or ankle). A pump merely means that it has a heel.

Conversely, the neutral colors and spectator detailing keeps the mary-jane patent leather, platform heel and bow from looking garish or over the top. This is a shoe that is a study in perfect opposites.


What makes a beautiful men’s shoe? Its more subtle. Pr0n guys must learn to see the difference between a classic shoe and a contemporary one; between dowdy and geek-chic, and above all a lovely leather.

If you’ve followed the Pr0n previously, you know I have a specific weakness in the men’s shoe genre: the shoe boot. *fans self* With the shoe boot you have a very old style, almost vintage, that’s been tweaked to look effortlessly modern.

Pr0n guys, you want a boot that looks jaunty and delicate, not clunky and ready to actually go riding in. Think Prince Charles, not Charlie Brown.

Think about this Prada at Vegetarians will cringe when they find out that it’s calfskin, but nothing feels quite like it. What’s nice is the rounded toe, slight heel and stretch shaft, to help your manscaped feet ease inside.

Let’s talk about manscaping for a moment before we move on: pr0nstars, I’m expecting ALL of you to be in your pedicurist’s chair once the weather turns warm. We’ll look at the Mandal (the Man-Sandal) in another post, but everyone deserves pampering and nobody deserves toe-cheese.


Don’t let anybody tell you that you have to wear 4″ heels to have a shoe that makes your heart skip a beat. Your podiatrist may not like you anymore for wearing perfectly flat shoes, than soaring heels but we can rock a pair of orthotics when we’re old, anyway.

I swore I wouldn’t show you another pair of patent leather shoes this time – it’s my problem, not yours and I recognize that I need help for it. BUT, I saw these D&G Dolce & Gabanna shoes and I needed you to see the beauty in simplicity.

These are a pair of deep green patent ballerina flats. Made in Italy. Perfection in style, quality and color.

Pr0nstars I hate to leave and have to say good night. But I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in this post and need to rest.  Sometimes less is more and sometimes more is more; I think that’s what we’ve learned in this post. That and who Muiccia Prada is. The more you know.


Until next time – comments are love. It was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

14 responses to “Shoe Pr0n Blow by Blow

  1. *drools*
    *wakes up, wonders what happened, sees that gorgeous shoe at the top, and starts the whole production all over again…*

    No words.

  2. I totally want the green ballet flat. I’ve been wanting green for a while, and this color is pretty perfect.

  3. I looooove those peep toes, but they are not city walking or subway friendly…I would be crippled by the end of the day!

    • If you’re wearing any heels around the city or on the subway, you’re throwing away money, love! We are not whatsername from Sex and the City. This is real life and in real life, pretty shoes are for teetering around the office delicately!

  4. I just wanted to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  5. The Miu Miu Spectator Peep-Toe Mary Janes are WAY beyond gorgeous, I’m in love with them!

  6. The green flats are so chic!

  7. This is such a wonderful list! I’ve saved it, just so that I can check the few things I have yet to learn off the list.

  8. I love both the purple one and the green one. The purple one is elegant while the green one is kind of fresh. I own both kind of shoes.

  9. All these three pairs of shoes are of my taste. The purple one is so elegant, the green one is so fresh, and the black one is so cool!

  10. i like these pairs of shoes and they look very decent and classic.. I would like to buy these kind of shoes and through your blogs it will be really helpful for me to know the qualities of these shoes.

  11. It’s so great being a women we have so much variety to chose from. The 3 shoes selected here totally represent that variety. They all have their place and time. My favs are the Peep-toe Mary Janes. The green flat would be perfect for a typical day at the office when I want be comfy while still looking professional. Now the boots are prefect for those chilly days with leggings and a boyfriend sweater. Anyway love them…thanks

  12. timethief-is-a-fucking-coward

    BORING bitch-ass blog
    Who Am I? you say.
    Nobody really gives a shit.

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