Net-A-Porter Super Sale!

Thanks to my friend Grechen, over at Grechen’s Closet, I was tipped off that designer mecca site Net-A-Porter had taken another 20% off their sale prices.  Net-A-Porter definitely runs towards the true designer end of the scale, so even deeply discounted is going to cost you a few pennies. 

Doma Stitched Leather Jacket, $242.50, Sz. L

Doma Stitched Leather Jacket, $242.50, Sz. L

But if you’re one of my readers who invests in this type of clothing, or waits for this type of sale to spend your money, there are deals to be had.  I’ve tried to pick out only the most worthwhile to show you.  FYI, all products are linked to via their pictures.


At just under half price (was $505), this Doma stitched leather jacket is still a steal.  You’re looking at a red leather collarless jacket with stitched detailing around the neckline. 

The jacket has long sleeves, two zipped pockets, a zip athrough the front and is fully lined.  It’s available only in size Large, which is probably going to be around a U.S. 10.  It’s like buttah, and it’s going to be gone in a heartbeat. 


Tibi Bow Collar Dress, $177.60, Sz. M,L

Tibi Bow Collar Dress, $177.60, Sz. M,L

Tibi is quickly popping up on my brand radar for their beautiful blouses and dresses in feminine fabrics, colors and styles.  This particular dress reminds me of Milly NYC, which has been a great diappointment to me Spring/Summer. 

You all know what a fan I am of retro influenced styles, especially ’60s/mod looks.  This coral mini-dress is made in a heavy jersey with a large bow at the neckline, elbow length sleeves and a side zip. 

 Sizes medium and large, or about U.S. 8-10 can get this on sale for $177.60, down from $370.  Pictures, please!


Marc by Marc Jacobs Short Wool Coat, $264, Sz. S-L

Marc by Marc Jacobs Short Wool Coat, $264, Sz. S-L

Often you can get a good deal by buying off season.  If you’re good at delayed gratification, buying for next fall or winter is a great idea. 

Think how cheery this coral Marc by Marc Jacobs short winter coat will make you when you walk through a sea of black and grey.   Everyone should have a longer formal winter coat, and a shorter casual one.

This was originally $550, but is on sale for $264, and is still available in sizes small, medium and large.  It’s 80% wool, 20% nylon with a back pleat and satin lining.


"Calisten", Cotton/Acrylic Grape Cardigan, $78.45, Sz. L

"Calisten", Cotton/Acrylic Grape Cardigan, $78.45, Sz. L

Since I don’t wear wool, I find it difficult to find really cozy, soft sweaters.  This grape colored cardigan by Malene Birger looks so soft and so comfortable for a size Large.

It’s a cotton/acrylic blend with a round neckline, long sleeves, white beaded buttons and front pockets to keep your well manicured fingers warm. :)

I particularly appreciate the edging at the cuffs and hem, which will help a good sweater keep its shape.  “Calisten” retailed for $245 and is now an incredible buy at only $78.40.


I have a confession: I think these Tory Burch Jelly Reva flats are adorable.  I know, I know.  I can’t help it; every fashionista has their weakness. 

Tory Burch Jelly Reva Flats, $38, Sz. 8/8.5

Tory Burch Jelly Reva Flats, $38, Sz. 8/8.5

But listen: aside from cobalt blue, sunshine/schoolbus yellow is the color this season.  I snatched up a Dooney & Bourke handbag in the color on sale and I just adore it.  I get complimented on it all the time. 

If you wear a size 8/8.5  shoe, these normally $98 flats are on sale for $38! You all are lucky I rarely wear flats, otherwise we’d have to throw down. 

Sizing info says to go down half a size if you wear a half size, and they’re available in an 8.


Yesterday, I was reminded by my good friend Heidi (who writes a really thoughtful size acceptance blog) that a good handbag is an investment.  Especially if it’s not too trendy, it’s something that you’ll have and use for years.

Mulberry Large Soho Shoulder Bag, $278

Mulberry Large Soho Shoulder Bag, $278

That’s why I’m recommending this Mulberry Large Soho bag, for $278.  To start, you can’t get a good designer bag for $278 unless you’re very lucky.  

This is a classic shape in a not-too-trendy color.  Be careful, as it may be a touch more orangey than it appears, depending on your monitor.

Soho has an adjustable shoulder strap, and silver hardware including a turnlock, which is a very safe closure.  The inside is lined in twill.  

See here, and check out this picture for a sense of how big it is – it’s definitely roomie, and has a nice drop long enough to be worn on your shoulder. 

Best of all – handbags have no size.  Anyone can wear them. :D  Last but not least, for more deals check out The Outnet, Net-a-Porter’s “bargain” little sister.

Thanks for reading, my little pr0n plums!

As always, it was good for me.  Tell me, was it good for you?

10 responses to “Net-A-Porter Super Sale!

  1. the sales are great. i just cant bring myself to pay their prices. every time i’m tempted, i think about H&M :-P

    if i liked tory burch, that’s a good price.

    • Oh, I understand. :) Even for me those prices are a bit rough, but sometimes you find a piece you fall in love with and it’s worth the splurge. If you buy a piece for $200 and it lasts you 10 years, it’s worth more than the $20 dress that lasts you one season. H&M is great for basics & trendy stuff.

  2. They also have some pretty fantastic denim prices – I’d been eyeing those under $100 white cropped 7 for all mankinds for two days or so! Uh, before I bought the ones I got at lunch today at Macy’s. ANYWAY.

    • You do white denim? Really? Cropped white denim? Talk to me about this…because a) I can never find a pair that doesn’t look obscene because you can see the pockets. B) Dude, they’d be ruined in 2 seconds flat, and C) You’re brave!

      • zomg, the white 7fam i ordered off rue lala came today and AWESOME. Best fitting 7fams I’ve had to date or even tried on. (which, um, is out of 6. to date.) And you totally can’t tell i’m wearing green underwear!

        The most exciting part is tonight’s the night i’m going to the tailor so I can throw these in the stack of, oh, jebus, 6-7 jeans I’m having hemmed! woooooooot! :)

        • Wow! I’m impressed! And happy for you!

          Research into your dress quandry continues. There WILL be dress options, dammit! (I already have one good one, but it’s a tough assignment.)

  3. a) well, i have not yet tried on the pair i bought from rue la la because they’re coming tomorrow reportedly, but denim is heavy enough i’m not too worried about pockets. b) doesn’t that apply to everything light? and also, i have white t-shirts and they’ve all survived!

    but really, i have a challenge for you!

    So, I need a dress. My budget is up to $150. Ideally I could wear it to my stepsister’s wedding in October, the fundraising dinner my org is having in November and the bat mitzvah i’m attending in August. So knee length, not crazy formal (my stepsister’s wedding dress is custom and has pants, you know?), not black or white, have to be able to wear a bra with straps since I would have no fun at all three events if I had to deal with a strapless bra and, also? For the bat mitzvah and the dinner, I don’t want my large forearm tat to be visible, so long sleeve as well. Do you have any suggestions? I started browsing at shopbop but everything I liked was double my budget. And everything I saw at jcrew was sleeveless or short sleeved.

    • Oh, and you know my body type, right? 38d chest, average ass and waist, etc.

    • Ooooh. I LOVE a challenge! What dress size are you generally? What is your shoe situation like? Do i have to include that in the budget? Would you be amenable to using cover-up for the tat?

      • No cover-up for the tattoo – I barely wear make up as it is, I don’t want to deal with a social situation and the work dinner thing worrying about make up.

        Dress size – eh, I usually buy Large, or 10-14 sizewise but also a petite so sometimes it’s a M.

        I have shoes, don’t you worry. :) White, black, brown with gold/bronze accents, beige, soft green …

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