Related Pr0n: I Won on Polyvore!

We interrupt this shopping blog for a very special announcement: I WON!  From time to time you’ve seen me use this really nifty website Polyvore to show you lots of products at once, or an entire outfit altogether.  Polyvore lets you snatch bits o’ the web and put them together along with bits o’  the web that everyone else has snatched.

For instance, I used it when showing you How to Dress for Your Body Type  if you’re a pear shape; I used it when we were talking about Stretching Your Closet , to show you the outfit I’d pulled together from my own closet, and again when I was asking for your help the the very same dress in Dress this Mess.  I even managed to eek out a couple of men’s outfits when talking about Sample Sales and Sunday Brunch Outfits, and to show you how to (properly) dress like Michelle Obama. Oh, heck.  Just click the Polyvore tag and go wild!


But aside from being a really helpful tool for bloggers, it’s just a lot of fun, and lets you express your artistic or fashion skillz in a different way.

Just today your dear blogger WON a contest!  Through the Bloggers on Polyvore group, my set took first prize in the “Submit Your Best Set” contest.  here it is:


Yay! I’m really proud of my little set, but I can’t overlook some of my other favorites, too:



So if you’ve ever wondered what could possibly drag your dear blogger away from you, my favorite little pr0n pomegranates – it’s this… I’m playing with all my sets in Polvore.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Shopping Pr0n, with Pr0n Plus: the very best in plus size fashion, hopefully coming tonight.

Until then: it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

5 responses to “Related Pr0n: I Won on Polyvore!

  1. Kick BUTT, pr0nbabe! *cheers*

  2. congrats :)
    do you win anything?

  3. check similar site Less crowded though

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