Outfit of the Day: Stretching Your Closet

Pr0nstars, often the best way to stretch your closet is by experimenting a little.  Remember when you were little and played dress up?  Take some time to pull things out of your closet, put them together in new and scary ways and take pictures.  See what works.  

Monday I had a fancy work conference to attend; not only were my suit pants in need of dry cleaning, but they’re in need of me losing this winter weight. :p  Which was how I created my Outfit of the Day.

The best outfits come from experimentation

The best outfits come from experimentation

Here are the pieces that I worked with.  I started with my new Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, bought on sale at Cusp.  My normal instinct would be to put a cardigan over a dress, so I didn’t do that.  Instead, I pulled out my charcoal gray wool crepe suit jacket from J. Crew

Outfit of the Day: Conference
Outfit of the Day: Conference by din2quared featuring J Crew jackets

 A suit jacket in a neutral color can go with almost anything: pants, jeans, a skirt and even a dress apparently.  I tried it because I knew the colors would work well together (pink and gray were so ’80s), and the suit jacket was fitted.  A boxy suit jacket would have overwhelmed the dress.

I’ve been all about grey tights; they’re more fun than black, but don’t take you too far outside your comfort zone.  These tights were more of a dove grey; I stayed in the same color family, just mixed shades.  For instance, I could have put a bright pink cardigan over the light pink dress.

The shoes are Nordstrom’s Biala brand, and are actually a burgundy patent leather, but I couldn’t get a picture of that.  Again, red/pink is in the same color family. The bag is my cheery new post-conference treat: a Dooney Bourke , which was 30% off.


I have to share with you the story of this Laundry trench coat.  If you’re a regular pr0n addict, you know I’ve been searching high and low for a new spring coat; I haven’t had once since I lost a bunch of weight.  I’d looked everywhere online and hadn’t found anything I like. 

Laundry Trench Coat

Laundry Trench Coat

So this past weekend, Pr0nMom and I went to our local Giga-Mall.  Out of default we started at Bloomingdales.  Pickings were slim, but I spotted two trenches; one was white, and you know I am not the type of person to buy white things; the other was this one. 

I tried it on, and Pr0n Mom and I both laughed, because it was perfect and completely in budget.  When does that ever happen? Anyway, that’s the story of my new coat.

Banana Republic Chunky Necklace - My closet

Banana Republic Chunky Necklace - My closet

Finally, since I wanted to keep the outfit from looking too conservative, I put on my chunky double-strand necklace from Banana Republic, bought a few months ago. 

The necklace didn’t cost more than $40 or $50 and it’s been a great investment since it goes with everything. 


Conference Cutie?

Conference Cutie?

I hope you’ll agree that this turned out to be a chic, fun way to look professional, but show a lot of personality. 

Plus I didn’t buy anything specifically for this occasion.  Everything that I wore here I’ve already worn lots of times, or I expect to wear lots of times.


Any questions before class is dismissed?

Thanks for reading, my little  salmonella contaminated pr0n pistachios. 

It was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?


10 responses to “Outfit of the Day: Stretching Your Closet

  1. I remember when you bought that necklace! Oddly, I wore the skirt I bought there just yesterday.

    (also, zomg, did you see rue la la has a taryn rose boutique on friday????)

  2. I am considering cutting my workout a little short, since I generally work out, shower and then go to work, arriving around 8:20-8:30. But by then some might be GONE.

    Also, I bought an onsale coat made by these peeps today: http://www.sameunderneath.com/underconstruction/

    It’s fabulous (the lining is so pretty!), and at some point you’ll be able to look at the things available more better and stuff.

  3. Very nicely made, too! Since I have the article in my hands, as it were. Plus eco-friendly and machine wash cold!

  4. definitely a cutie
    love pink and gray together
    and loving the idea of a blazer and dress
    tried it once and it didnt look cute on me… think i needed a more fitted dress. thought the cute jacket could trump all
    great trench too!

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  6. Great site this shoppingpr0n.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

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