Outfit of the Day: Dress Me!

Outfit of the Day is back, my little pr0n peppermint, and I need your help! Even fashionistas get the blues.  I’m going to show you two pieces that I’ve just bought and you’re going to help me put together an outfit with them.  It’ll be fun!  Just like those Choose Your Own Adventure Books we used to read.  So put on your best thinking caps and dress this mess!


Me and My Marc Jacobs

Me and My Marc Jacobs

The parameters are this: I just bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress on sale at Cusp.

 (Yes, Cusp! They can’t throw me out anymore!).  I feel the need to explain that it has to be taken in a little on top.

Anyway.  Me, dress, sale.  Yay!  It’s a cotton faille – sort of ribbed; the zipper is meant to be exposed and the hemline is a wide band of fabric.  It’s my first Marc by Marc Jacobs and my first Cusp purchase.  *snif*  I’m so proud.

Then this Dooney & Bourke handbag I’d been eying went on sale. The chocolate brown disappeared, and this bright yellow appeared.

Yellow Medium Chiara at Dooney Bourke

Yellow Medium Chiara at Dooney Bourke

Yellow is scary!  But I’ll have it today and know whether or not it works.

Betsy + Iya Asymmetrical Copper Necklace

Betsy + Iya Asymmetrical Copper Necklace

The third thing that I’ll have is my asymmetrical copper necklace that I bought from Betsy + Iya.

So, keeping all that in mind, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Dress this Mess

Dress this mess!

Give me your fashion guidance, my pr0n addicts!  I have the dress, the bag (unless I hate it), the pink cardigan and the sunglasses (a steal at Loehmann’s).  The rest are ideas: Do I mix yellows?  Will a jacket look better than a cardigan?  Am I completely off my rocker mixing a pale dress with a bright bag? Should I mix pinks, not yellows?  A little help here!

The two Moschino pumps on the right are scrumptious, but at $600 /pair they’re a not so much. Have you seen anything similar?  Seen anything different? What do you like? No slingbacks or heels over 3.5″, please.

The  brown Bettye Mueller pair I lurrrrrrve, but they’re a final sale!  And with my fussy feet that’s just asking for trouble.  I’m trying to stretch my fashion wings this season, so don’t be afraid to show me something totally off the wall.  I’m open to ideas.  I want participation!

Help me, Obi Wan Pr0n Stars! You’re my only hope!

I’m off to a meeting, then home.  When I return, I expect opinions, links, pretty pictures, diagrams, photoshops, etc. etc. etc.  Don’t let me down!

I’ll post pictures of the outfit as it takes shape.

Until then, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

8 responses to “Outfit of the Day: Dress Me!

  1. It all looks good

  2. Thank God I can look at these pics. to get a quick look at what’s “in”. I am so out of the loop. My 12 year old dresses better than I do.

    I can tell you color is in and I would definately mix yellows.

  3. Thanks for the previews of what’s happening. Yellow looks so good when the sun is shining. Even on rainy days wearing yellow can provide a real appearance boost. The best thing is that yellow and comes in so many shades that range from pastel, to primary to golden shades, so almost any skin tone can be matched to a shade thats flattering. I love the golden shades when mixed with browns and parchment and cream colored shades too.

    • You’re welcome. Yellow is definitely a mood booster. I love wearing it, I find it particularly tricky being as pale as I am, but Juicy seems to have some nice sunny yellows. :)

      Glad you stopped by!

  4. I’m so glad you like it!! I really admire your take on fashion. It’s so lovely to be featured among such stars. You’re so great. Thank you!

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