Pr0n Product Review: Hue Low Cut Liners

Pronistas, if you’re like me you wear shoes.  Hm.  That’s wrong somehow.  Pr0nistas, if you’re like me, you don’t like socks.  Better!  Pr0nMom has lost many a pair of socks when I come over, out of concern for my bare feet (It doesn’t help that her house is freezing, but I digress). 

I used to buy knee-highs, but they just seem so old-fashioned, and trouser socks don’t stay up over my calves.  So I decided to try these “Low Cut Liners” by Hue and let you know what I thought.

Hue Cool Contours Low Cut Liners

Hue Cool Contours Low Cut Liners

At the time, they were on sale at Macy’s for around $4 a piece, so I bought 3 pairs in grey and headed home.

The deal is this: they’re kind of like the footsies you get in the store when you’re trying on shoes, but they’re cotton/nylon/spandex and come in two sizes.  According to the product specs they’re supposed to be “antibacterial”…you know…so your feet don’t smell?  And have silicone at the back to help them stay put. 

They provide full coverage at the soles of your feet, around the toes, and over the heel, and then are cut low on the sides so in theory they wouldn’t show.


How did they fare in reality?  Pretty darn good, actually!

  • They’re awfully comfortable, and the seams don’t cut into my feet anywhere, which is something I was worried about.
  • I wear a 7.5 and bought the M/L, which seemed to be the correct size.  I don’t know how much smaller the S/M is, but if someone with tiny feet (S/M goes up to a 7) wants to try these and let me know, that’d be swell.
  • They took a little adjustment to stay on and they stayed on my bigger foot better, especially at first.  It took a little finesse and putting the smaller foot on sideways to get it to stay better.  Also if your shoes are kind of loose, this will affect how well they stay on a little.
  • There is a little silicone spot in the middle of the heel and it does help them stay up to an extent.
  • Depending on how you put them on, and what shoes you’re wearing, the liners may show a bit.  I’m not particularly fussy about this, but if you are, has a bunch of slightly different styles to try.
  • I dunno if they’re anti-bacterial or not; I can’t find any information on if there’s some kind of coating on them or what makes them anti-bacterial.  I put powder on my feet in the morning so they’re not stinky.  TMI. 
  • There’s a left and a right foot, so the instep (the side of your arch) is in the right place.

Conclusions!  For four bucks a piece on sale, I’m sold!  If you’re not wearing pantyhose with your shoes, or you’re wearing pants and shoes I’m really liking these so far.  They’re not perfect and there are times when I’m walking along and I have a sock under my foot. :P 

But my calves are free and airy, while my feet have something on them.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Final Grade: B+

Please remember my little pr0n pierogies, there is no pay for play here at Shopping Pr0n.  I needed these, I bought these, I like these.
I realized yesterday that I completely forgot Pr0n Plus this week.  *d’oh!* But it’s for the best because I have something super duper special for you plump pr0nistas.  I’ll have it finished either tonight or tomorrow night. *claps hand together*  Stay tuned!

Until then, it was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

5 responses to “Pr0n Product Review: Hue Low Cut Liners

  1. Finally! I have a bunch of shoes that I love but make my feet feel not so fresh and I always wondered if something like this was around. Screw my uber-tight budget I’m going to get some of these this weekend.

  2. love these too
    i dont to heels only flats
    knee highs rip easily and fall down on me
    footies are perfect, but sometimes depending on the shoe, you can see them a little near the toes

  3. These look so odd, but I can see where they’d be more comfortable. Did you know there are liners that are decorative as well? I’ve seen them in some Japanese fashion.

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