Love Coin Earrings

Big Shameless Love Earrings $20!

Hello my little pr0n pop-tarts!  Have you ever looked at a clothing or accessories website longingly and thought, “Wow…I really love this stuff.  But I just have other things I need to do with my money right now?” 

It’s not that their prices are unreasonable in the least, but somehow your mind just…strays from that little clicky button.   That’s how I’ve been feeling about Betsy and Iya Jewelry.

Which makes the following information both good and bad news: Sunday was Betsy’s FIRST anniversary as Betsy and Iya Jewelry (well, that’s completely good news). To celebrate, she’s giving 20% off to anyone who puts a favorite quote or favorite book in the “message to seller” section before checkout.

The earrings above me (above here) are real vintage “Love” coins.  I don’t know where Betsy finds this stuff, but I’m fascinated by everything she uses.  I don’t know if the love is shameless or the earrings are or both (never mind: it’s from the Shameless Love Collection), and I don’t care; her earrings are seriously making me jones to have my ears re-pierced.  Damn you, Betsy!
Last time I showed you the Norrmisima Black Lacy Racy Earrings; this time I’m showing you The Louise Silver Pretties Earrings. 

Louise Silver Pretties Earrings, $31.20

Louise Silver Pretties Earrings, $31.20

Seriously, people I’m throwing a virtual temper tantrum right now because I love silver and would so totally rock these earrings with my platinum blonde bob.  But my ear holes closed up. *SOBS* 

Enough about my needs; a lot of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, or at least no two are exactly alike, because they’re made out of old silver plate-like filigree hunks.  So if you want these, and you should, don’t wait.


Grand Key Necklace, $39.20

Grand Key Necklace, $39.20

Let’s go back to my needs for a minute. I’m buying something; you don’t throw 20% off at girl and expect her to waste it.  But I’m really torn.  Option 1 on the right is the Grand Key Necklace.

I love the asymmetry and how graceful it looks on the model’s neck.  With 20% off, it’s $39.20.

Asymmetrical Square Copper Girl Necklace

Asymmetrical Square Copper Girl Necklace, $36

On the left is Option Two: the Asymmetrical Copper Girl Necklace.  Take 20% off and it’s $36.

Again, the asymmetry calls to me, as does the delicateness (is that a word?).  Quoting from Betsy’s website: The centerpiece is antique victorian gothic copper, which measures 28mm. There are three subtle, delicate sterling silver chains linked to one silver gunmetal chain. The back is a sterling silver clasp handcrafted by me that hooks into a unique hook of chain. The necklace extends farthest to about 20″ .

If any of you buys one of these before I make up my mind, I will cut you.  Nicely, of course.  What do you think, pr0n stars?

Night Owl Blue Star Necklace at Betsy and, $44

Night Owl Blue Star Necklace at Betsy and, $44

Let me share a few more pieces of jewelry from her other collections.  From Betsy’s “Color Blasting Vintage” collection, I pulled her Night Owl, Blue Star necklace.

This is how you accessorize – with one fantastic stand-out piece changing the entire look and feel of an outfit.

A royal blue vintage owl and vintage robin’s egg blue fillagree ball is attached to ribbon, sterling silver, aluminum, and gunmetal chains.

The way Betsy layers her chains is one of the unique and hallmark features of her jewelry collection. 


i am your letter dog necklace $68.80

i am your letter dog necklace $68.80


Finally, you will truly have a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry if you order from the i am your dog collection.

A ball chain is attached to a thick silver dog tag.  Tell Betsy what letter or letters you want on it and she’ll engrave, oxidize and abuse. 

A handmade item like this one is well worth the $68.80.  You won’t find anything this special or lovingly made in stores.

Please head over to Betsy’s etsy store, and Betsy’s blog (which is also great) and show her some Shopping Pr0n love.  And take my poll!

I have to scurry to the gym, my little pizza rolls.  One last thing!  There is no pay for play here on Shopping Pr0n.  Trust me, Betsy hasn’t given me a darn thing for writing these posts! :D  If I say I love it, I love it. 

Until next time, it was ever so good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

7 responses to “BETSY + IYA JEWELRY SALE!!!

  1. How did you know of my undying love for the pizza roll? Also, these pieces are so f-ing cute. I might have to open up my wallet a bit.

  2. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. Very beautiful jewelry. I’ll get it soon

  4. did you do all this things?

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