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Hello my lovely pr0n puffins.  I’m so sorry for being absent these past days – I’ve had a touch of blogger’s block.  I keep starting posts and deciding they’re just not worthy of you!  But to paraphrase the immortal words of  the Goddess Nike: just do it

Calvin Klein Kenney Gown

Calvin Klein Kenney Gown, $429.60

To that end, this is the first of two posts today – is giving you 20% off all items that are currently 70% off.  Confused?  Go here.  Find something you love.  At checkout enter code 20off70 before 11:59 on Thursday the 19th – save another 20%. 

As always here at ShoppingPr0n, we shop so you don’t have to.  I’ve taken the liberty of pulling the cream of the 70% off crop and I will deliver them into your greedy little laps.


I try not to show very many high end items; until I know that I have a following out in Web-Land for them I assume I mostly don’t (if I do, speak up!).  But occasionally a piece is too beautiful to resist.

Back View Calvin Klein Collection Kenney Gown

Back View Calvin Klein Collection Kenney Gown

Calvin Klein is known for femininity in simplicity and elegance; this buttery yellow “Kenney Gown” is classic Calvin Klein Colelction.  It’s a stretch silk (98% silk, 2% elastic; lining 100% silk) available in a size 6, made in Italy. 

If you don’t understand what’s so special about this dress, look at the back.  This gown was originally $1790.00, and it’s available for $429.

If you have a special once-in-a-lifetime event coming up: a non-traditional wedding maybe?  A gallery opening?  Choose a once-in-a-lifetime gown like Kenney.

For a slightly more down to earth dress, consider this adorable mod “Pocket Pleat Shift Dress” by Milly.  By now you know I’ll show you Milly any chance I get; really this blog is all about me. ;)

Milly Pocket Pleat Shift Dress, $108

Milly Pocket Pleat Shift Dress, $108

The trick to getting really amazing deals is to be flexible; pick up this sleeveless shift for next fall and winter.  As of this writing, it’s still available in a large, which is probably about an 8/10.  Check the size chart, peanuts.

 If you do invest in this dress, make sure you’re a person who can wear a natural waist (i.e. neither raised nor lowered).  Generally you should be pretty proportional to do this, particularly with your torso. 

Your dear blogger probably couldn’t pull this off because she has a very long torso.  Short torsos should go for no waist, otherwise they’ll look cut in half. 

(How do you know what you have? Do you wear one-piece bathing suits easily or do you find them too short/stop too low on the boobs.  If you wore a pair of higher rise jeans, would it just look unfortunate or would it stop under your boobs?  The former is long-waisted, the latter is short.)  Michelle Obama looks great in natural waistlines.

Check out the inverted (inside-out) pleat in front (kind of hard to see), it’s a detail that I’m seeing more of.  An inverted pleat should keep a skirt from looking too wide of boxy.  Pair this one it with a a pair of brightly colored tights and a grey cardigan.


Maloles - Party Pochette

Maloles - Party Pochette $79.20 (orig. $330)

The wonderful thing about handbags is that every size is yours!  Like this “Party Pochette” by Maloles.

A pochette is simply a pouch; Malole’s is bigger than it looks at 6″ x 11″.  Most clutches are much smaller and not terribly functional, unlike this one which has 4 interior sections, an interior zipper pocket, and a zipper pocket under the flap.

I prefer it in pink (I prefer everything in pink), but it comes in silver, too.


Leopoldo Giordano Folded Ornament Wedge, $130.8 (Orig. $545)

Leopoldo Giordano Folded Ornament Wedge, $130.8 (Orig. $545)

Shoes come in sizes, but they’re frequently seasonless!  I know I’ve shown you these divine blue wedges from Leopoldo Giordano before, way way back when in Sales Pr0n: Dying of the Flu Edition, but they’re even more on sale now!

Pancakes, these are $545 shoes for $130!  Please, won’t somebody think of the children and buy these shoes?  And if you do, send me pictures! (

These patent leather wedges have a tab detail at vamp, and a seam detail at the 4″ covered heel.  Made in Italy. 

Your podiatrist will not approve, but who asked her?  Oh – these are still available while they last in Euro sizes 38 -40.5 (about 8 -9.5). 

I know you won’t disappoint me.


Leopoldo Giordano Broken Top Line Pump, $116.40 (Orig. $485)

Leopoldo Giordano Broken Top Line Pump, $116.40 (Orig. $485)

Leopoldo (Mr. Giordano if you’re nasty) has also been kind enough to design for us what he calls “Broken Top Line Pumps” .

Regular pr0nsters know how much I adore details like this: the smallest style change that can turn a very nice pump into a sublime one.

Suede is kind of a cold-season fabric, but it’s not like anyone’s going to send the Fashion Police after you for wearing it past March.  It’s just a heavy fabric/cold season style generality. 

Brown and black are still available sizes 36.5 and up, but not for long!

Since I’ve shown you two “out of season” fashions, I’ll make it up to you with one more “in-season” top.

Karta Printed V Sleeveless Top, $74.88 (Orig. $312)

Karta Printed V Sleeveless Top, $74.88 (Orig. $312)


Surely this is one of the most unique tops I’ve ever seen.  Karta’s  Print V Neck Sleeveless Top is a black and white woven v-neck floral (lined), with a faceted-resin appliqué daisy on one side.  

I love the way bright colors are being used to contrast against black here.  The shirt is 25″ long, and on the model it stops just below her hips. 

I feel like this top would be fun to wear to the Kentucky Derby with some retro pumps, a cute skirt and a big ol’ hat. 

Our time is up for the moment, my lovelies.  I have one more post for you this evening: a product review. After that, hopefully I’ll be back on track.

By the way, Pr0nMom was supposed to go shopping for trouser jeans today, like the Lucky Brand ones I showed you in my most recent Outfit of the Day (erm – why didn’t you all tell me it said ‘Outfit of the Dayo’?).  We all know how awful buying jeans can be, so let’s wish her luck!

Until next time, it was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

7 responses to “Sales Pr0n: Shop Bop 20% off 70%

  1. Oh, I love that brown pump.

  2. That’s really good to know about suede…from how I was brought up, the fashion police WOULD come after me if I wore it after March. ;p

    My mother still gets uneasy about white shoes after Labor Day…

  3. why do you do this to me??!
    i’m suppose to be saving money

  4. Thanks for posting these useful information. Keep them coming

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