Outfits of the Day Pr0n: Michelle Obama & You

Welcome to the weekend, pr0n pineapples!  On Monday we had 6-8″ of snow here in Washington, DC; this weekend it may hit 75.  Change she is a coming.  Change is coming to the White House too, where First Lady Michelle Obama wore a black velvet pants suit to a White House dinner Wednesday!

Today in Shopping Pr0n we’ll look at that suit, and the fashion she wore to volunteer later in the week, and I’ll show you options for wearing both styles on your own.  Yay!

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Michelle Obama Velvet Pantsuit & Flats

Okay, how cute are they?  Have you ever seen a happier First Couple?  Anyway, I give Michelle lots and lots of fashion points here (I can give fashion points to whomever I want. They’re my points.)  Even if I think the outfit is a touch boring, I applaud her for wearing something fashionable and comfortable.  Never let anyone tell you that looking stylish has to be uncomfortable, poppies!  It simply isn’t so.

I like the cut of the suit, and I think it fits her well although I’m not a huge fan of the skinny ankle/baggy thigh thing that’s going on here.  I like the 3/4 length sleeves, the cuff bracelet, and the brooch.  Where the outfit loses me is the black thing that’s underneath.  I really would have liked something else here, maybe a blouse  or a cami, but not more black.

What are your options for wearing this style?  Let’s look.

Doin' It Obama Style

Pant Suit Options - Based on Mrs. Obama's Black Velvet Pant Suit

Remember that velvet is usually a winter fabric, and it’s tough to wear.  It’s a testament to how fit the First Lady is that she makes this work.  What I’ve found are several well cut tuxedo jackets and pants, all available at Bluefly.com.  Most of these are in  “sateen”, which will look crisp and a little shiny.  A little shiny is okay for evening.

For underneath, the one piece of all black I chose is this incredible stretch satin black bustier from D&G by Dolce & Gabbana.  The pink and gold lace camisoles are both from Leigh Bantivoglio at Bluefly.com.  There’s a wide selection and they’re all stunning.

Also take a moment to see the Armani Collezioni Asian Print Camisole at Nordstrom.  We should all be so lucky to have one exquisite piece like this.  Finally I chose a super long double strand of grey pearls – but anything delicate and/or shiny would work- and a couple of fun brooches.

It’s actually a super easy look to put together according to your style preferences and price point.  Wear any delicate shoe: dressy sandals, flats or heels, preferably in black or a metallic.

On Thursday, Mrs. Obama volunteered her time serving food at Miriam’s Kitchen, an invaluable resource in Washington that provides meals, case management services and housing support.   Michelle almost hit 100%, wearing a v-neck pink cardigan with a white ruffled shirt underneath, a pair of black pants, and a red and clear belt with brown pumps.

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

Michelle Obama's outfit at Miriam's Kitchen

I love the look of this outfit.  She’s chic and casual and looks very much her. The cardigan is a great color for her, I like the contrast of the white shirt against her skin, and the pants (which you can see here) are a good style and fit.  But the belt.  OH the belt.  WHY???  What IS that???  It’s clear and it’s red and it’s awful!  I thought stuff like that went out in the ’80s!  I weep, pr0n stars. I weep.

Let’s look at how easy this outfit is to put together on your own.

Michelle Obama in Pink

Recreating First Lady's Outfit from Miriam's Kitchen

I found a bright pink plus-size v-neck cardigan from Calvin Klein at Bloomingdales, brown wool wide-leg pants at Bluefly from Susana Monaco, the white ruffle shirt is Banana Republic.  I have to talk about these shoes!  I want these shoes!  They’re from SimplySoles.com, and the designer is Chie Mihara.  “Saco” is $99, they’re 3.5″ heels, made in Spain and OMG they’re near my house! *squeals with delight*  Sorry, I digress.  The belt is Cole-Haan, from Nordstrom.  Cole-Haan knows leather.

Actually, everything in this set is under $100, except for the pants which are $101 and change, I think.  You could get every piece here for under $50 – piece of cake.  Try Target, try H&M, try the Limited, and stalk sales.

Just the other day I was at Loehmann’s and I got my very first piece of Lily Pulitzer: a sweater in the same pink as above which retailed for $158; I got it for $40.  Patience and persistence are virtues. :)

.Congratulations!  Now you look just like Michelle Obama!  Or…mostly.  Except for that whole First Lady thing.

Anyway!  I hope you enjoyed this “White House to Your House” edition of Outfit of the Day Pr0n.  Check out more First Lady Fashion in White House Portrait Pr0n, White House Pr0n and Inaugural Pr0n.

As always, it was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?

Photos of Michelle Obama are courtesy of The Huffington Post,


10 responses to “Outfits of the Day Pr0n: Michelle Obama & You

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  2. Those shoes are seriously amazing. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately went OMGWTFFF about the belt. Awful. And the cardigan/ruffled shirt combination is so cute, which makes the awfulness of the belt stand out even more! Argh!

    • The worst part of it is that she’s wearing the SAME BELT on the cover of “O” Oprah’s magazine. She looks fantastic, and then there’s this THING around her waist!

  3. I agree with the belt comment dinsquared…hi! Love her style though…except for the innaugural get up. I have no fashion sense since my children though. Like this blog very much. Love the outfits you put together. Make a mommy arsenal of like 5 things we need to stay current. Do you have that post already? I am new here. Anyway, thanks for a solid blog with lots of great info!!

    • Hi Shane! Welcome! What a great idea. I’ll try to do a post or a series on wardrobe basics and what to do with them.

      Thanks so much for being here and commenting!

  4. As a guy, I am unqualified to comment on anything close to fashion, therefore I won’t.

    The fashion industry is very confusing to a man. I went with my wife, (was dragged kicking and screaming), to a little boutique yesterday with a name of Chloe. This meant nothing to me until she gleefully came out of the dressing room in, I’ll admit it, a knockout dress. I was informed that the dress was half off which kept a little sweat off my brow initially. Of course I could not say no, it was half off after all!

    How is it that anything half off can still cost over $250?!!! Unfortunately, she also found a pair of ‘designer’ jeans, also half off. Say goodbye to another $120!

    Perhaps I should report my credit card stolen just before our trip next week to San Francisco.

    I will remain ever thankful that a clean shirt and a little shoe polish goes a long way for male fashion.


    • Namaste, Roger. The first rule of Shopping Pr0n is that half off Gucci is still a month’s rent. ;) If your wife was at the Chloe I know, she got a bargain. :D

      Ironically I’m just finishing up a post on designer sample sales, where you can get a bargain if you’re very lucky. I’ve got a men’s suit in there that was harder than I thought to put together, so do stop by later! I need input!

      Now tell me you haven’t dropped a bundle on sports or electronic equipment or another hobby…:)

  5. Now what would make you believe that men spend money on frivolous things? We really NEED all the stuff we buy. :)

    Actually, my wife is a great shopper and I had to encourage her to buy the clothes. You had commented on one of the BlogCatalog groups which happened to be the day after this shopping experience giving me something to make a comment on.

    I will have to put your site on her link list since she will understand more of the complicated terminology of shopping.


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