Makeup Pr0n

Mon dieu!

Mon dieu!

Pr0nistas, this is another one of these off-the-wall-things-I-never-ever-do kind of posts.  I’m going to recommend a foundation!

The reason I almost never ever recommend makeup, is that everyone’s skin and preferences are so variable.  What might be right for you might not be right for some.

I’m fairly brand loyal for certain things, I’m not particularly adventurous with makeup, and I don’t believe that something is better just because it’s sold in a department store or costs more. 


Anyway, I’ve found that You Tube is a great way to learn makeup tricks and techniques.  There are no high pressure sales tactics, no fluorescent lighting, you get to watch everything on someone else, and you can rewind as much as you like!

Usually I watch Leesha, aka xsparkage.  She’s a little hyper, and she tends to use a lot more products than I believe you need, but she’s not attached to one particular brand, she’s always trying new stuff (so you don’t have to), and she’s not attached to department store brands.


Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation

Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation, $40

Leesha recommended Makeup Forever’s High Definition Foundation, which you can get at Sephora here in the U.S.; I’m not sure about abroad. 

I’ve never spent $40 on a foundation in my life; I buy a lot of MAC, so my foundation tends to be in the $25-30 range. 

But I was almost out of my old foundation, felt like trying something new, and there seemed to be a lot of positive vibe around it, so I tried it in the store and then took it home.


The FTD In Love with Red Roses Bouquet

The FTD In Love with Red Roses Bouquet

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.  I am in love with this stuff.  I’m a pale-faced blonde (a Summer, actually), so I use the lightest shade, 110.  What’s nice is that it has a built in pump, so you don’t use more than you need. 

One pump is all I need; my skin looks even and happy, and I look like I had a good night’s sleep, even with no other makeup on.  It even does a passable job by itself of covering up my dark undereye circles.

It’s really lightweight, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all, and it stays on all day, especially if you set it with a little powder.


Head On - Apply directly to your forehead. Head on.

Head On - Apply directly to your forehead. Head on.

I know I sound like a commercial here, but there is no pay for play here in Shopping Pr0n.  If I like something, I talk about it.

It’s not the cure for cancer, and it can’t “fix” your skin.  I don’t know anything about micro-anti-aging-globules, which are just marketing hype anyway. 

Makeup Forever HD is just a really good coverage foundation.


There’s my pitch, take it or leave it.  :)  We now return you to your regularly scheduled Shopping Pr0n.

It was good for me; tell me, was it good for you?


5 responses to “Makeup Pr0n

  1. I’m soooo tempted. Maybe once this SL slump has eased off… ;)

    Is your skin dry at all? Mine is these days, so I need something that doesn’t go chalky.

  2. not huge on makeup… rarely wear it and buy it even less frequently
    but this is something to keep an eye out for when it’s time to get more… or i hit the age when i might need makeup daily :-P

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