Gok Wan Pr0n Update

Hellooo my lovely pr0n boys and girls –

I am so thrilled to let you know that Charlotte from Gok Wan’s plus-size lingerie line popped in to say hello and thanks.

You will recall that Gok Wan is the designer of such divine lingerie in a range of sizes, such as this sex kitten corset – up to a UK size 32

This “sassy slip” , which includes detachable suspenders and “Gok Cookies”,

and this “Banger Booster”, which frankly confuses me – because I thought “bangers” were sausages. You know – like “Bangers and Mash?” Right?? Now I know what Bullocks are…so are bangers boobs? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now for the sad part my pr0n darlings – their hosting site, SimplyYours does not yet deliver to the U.S. *SOBS*

Wait – let me compose myself…Okay.

They hope to in the future, and if you’d like them to, give Gok Wan’s blog some love from the colonies.

In the meantime, make friends with someone in the U.K. And bake them cookies so they’ll ship you some Gok Wan.

Thanks again, Charlotte! Cheers!

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11 responses to “Gok Wan Pr0n Update

  1. Hey Din

    You are more than welcome :)

    “Bangers” is Gok Wan’s unique term for boobs – it’s started to catch on a bit in the UK. If you want a full guide to Gok-speak there is a ‘Gokabulary’ on our Gok Wan mini-site:

    Just wanted to let you know in advance that the new Simply Yours plus size lingerie collection launches on 23rd Feb, including a new colourway for the Gok Wan lingerie line for spring/summer, ‘Serene’ (a creamy white colour).

    Also, wondered whther you and your pron boys and girls (well the girls mostly) might be interested in Simply Be, the sister site to Simply Yours that sells plus size fashion:

    Same deal with the shipping though I’m afraid :(

    Thanks again,


    • Hey Char!

      Well we’ll try some “Gokabulary” on for size here at ShoppingPr0n and see if it flies. Exciting to hear about the new line; I’ll put it on my calendar, and I’ll definitely check out Simply Be in time for this week’s Pr0n Plus.

      ShoppingPr0n will have to start a cultural exchange program to bring Gok Wan, etc. to the U.S. :D


  2. Every lady should be read this…

  3. Gok is fun – my bangers are more like chipolatas! Fun blog, I like it.:)

  4. holy sexpot! And SUSPENDERS to boot, my favorite!

    (found your blog on blog catalog and I really like what I see so far). visit mine any time.

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  6. I am 49 yrs old 5ft 3ins and 10 stone with a 34DD bust. I like to wear dresses in the summer, what are the best ones for my pear shape. Can I wear a maxi dress or am I to short. What kind of tops should I wear with trousers. Please Gok reply to this I love watching your shows on t.v.
    Ann from Ireland.

  7. I am a 50yr old woman, 5ft 3in, about 9stone 10 lbs, bangers 3dd. i like the girlie look, dresses, what jeans should i be wearing and what heel size.

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