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Welcome back, Pr0n lovers. I missed you. I hadn’t intended to post again so soon, so you’d be left wanting more. But the SAG Awards were last night, and where there are award shows, there’s pr0n. The way I see it, these people generally have gobs of money, are getting clothing and jewelry for free (from designers falling all over themselves to donate), and have access to the best stylists and hair and makeup artists around. They have no excuse for looking bad.

So I was browsing through the Red Carpet Arrivals at Hollywood.com, waiting for something to catch my eye when I saw Terri Hatcher looking like she was being eaten by a Blancmange!

I’m not entirely sure why a Blancmange would eat Teri Hatcher as there doesn’t appear to be anything nourishing there, but I’m not sure what else to say about this dress other than that it looks like one of those horrid “toilet paper wedding dresses” people think it’s hilarious to play at bridal showers.  I’m guessing this dress wasn’t made out of toilet paper, but you never know. Someone call Mr. Whipple.

I could say something about Nicolette Sheridan’s electric blue boogaloo dress. But I won’t. I’ll just show it to you front and back. 










 Ah, now this is how you do vintage. DO check out Christina Applegate in this divine drop-waisted bias cut kelly green silk dress. 

Note the upswept but neat hair, the appropriate jewelry and that little silver clutch. Damn you Christina Aguilera!

I see Jane Krakowski RSVP’d with a +2 for the evening.


Is America Ferrera going for Ms. Goth SAG Awards 2009? I just don’t know what’s going on with this dress.


 I like Amy Adams, and I want to like this dress on Amy Adams. Actually, I do like this dress on Amy Adams. I think it’s lovely and well fitted and a great color. It’s just that the hair and makeup are so severe that I’m distracted from the dress.

By now you’re thinking there’s just no hope!  To be honest, so am I.  But then I saw Tarji P. Henson. My mad IMDB skillz told me that not only is she from Washington, DC, but she was in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which I have not yet seen).  The only thing curious about this outfit is who is her stylist and how can I get some time with them ?!

Note to Jane Krakowski: this is how you put the girls on display without looking like…you.  This dress fits like a dream, I love the color – white on brown skin, yellow on brown skin, coral on brown skin. Yes, please!

The hair is simple, the dress has clean lines, with a twist going below her bust and back up perhaps to the halter neck. Please take a momen to note the ONE piece of jewelry she’s chosen to accessorize with: a gold (and diamond?) cuff bracelet. She’s just letting the dress do all the work for her, and boy is it ever working for her.

I’m going to give my final props for the night to Lisa Eddlestein in this tomato red one-shoulder Griecan sheath with a silver clasp at the shoulder.  The color and style are really working for her, the hair and makeup are subtle, and the bag and wrist cuff make perfect accessories. Thumbs up, Cuddy!


That’s all for now, my little pr0n friends. Thanks again to Hollywood.com for the pictures. Thanks to you for reading.

It was good for me; tell me: was it good for you?

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8 responses to “Celebrity Pr0n

  1. OMG! I loooove Lisa Eddlestein’s dress, that is absolutely gorgeous. Only one question though. Is Nicolette Sheridan wearing pink granny pants, and if so why is she doing that? That dress coulda been great.

  2. Kate if you can see pink granny panties, you’ve got better vision than me. It’s just all too Halston meets Boogie Nights for my taste.

  3. I see Jane Krakowski RSVP’d with a +2 for the evening.

    HA! FTW. :)

    I <3 this blog…keep ’em coming!!! :)

  4. Oh no, Kate… I totally didn’t notice that til you said it, but… ugh. You can totally see it, and it’s not a pretty sight!

  5. Great post. I love Christina Applegate dress it’s beautiful.

  6. Thanks, kirsten! I think Christina Applegate’s dress is beautiful, too. Apparently it was designed by Elie Saab, who did that amazing dress Halle Berry wore when she won an Oscar a few years ago.

  7. hadnt seen many pictures of christina applegate, but you’re right-

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