Free Pr0n!

Welcome to Shopping Pr0n; I hope you enjoy your stay.  The point of this blog is for me to search the web looking for the most fantasy inducing, luscious, make-you-want-to-lick men’s and women’s fashion and accessories and bring them back in one post for your viewing enjoyment. What you do while reading is up to you.

I’ll usually have a theme or an inspiration for the post. Sites will range from upper end stores like, and, branch out into places like ETSY and ModCloth, and some of my favorite places to shop on the web, such as Bluefly and TrashyDiva. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

In between I’ll throw in a little celebrity fashion analysis, in particular posts about Michelle Obama, my current fashion muse. We’ll talk designers, color, style – don’t worry if you don’t have any experience, I like to teach.

So let’s get started. Tell me: what’s your fantasy?

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6 responses to “Free Pr0n!

  1. Right now my fantasy involves affordable riding boots at the local DSW.

  2. Define “affordable”. What kind of a heel? What color?

  3. Affordable meaning under $120, hopefully under $100. Leather, no heel, black/brown/tan.

    Essentially I need flat shoes that are comfortable because all I have right now are flip flops, Uggs and ugly sneakers. Well, and 15 hole Dr. Maartens but those give me blisters.

  4. My fantasy is flashy colours and patterns (sixties to early eighties style), in cuts and styles that look good on large, curvy women.

    I’m very much in a psychedelic pattern phase right now.

  5. Thette – I’m seeing what you’re seeing! I’ll be incorporating pr0n for all sizes as I go, but I definitely need to devote an entire post to large, curvy women!

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